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Dining in with Ovolo: Za’atar Roasted Autumn Salad

Since opening in 2018 Alibi Bar & Kitchen has fast solidified its position as a plant-based powerhouse, leading the Sydney vegan pack as Australia’s first 100% plant-based hotel bar and restaurant brought to you by Ovolo.

Alibi Kitchen Tasting Menu

Offering a curiously clean and contemporary take on plant-based dining within the walls of Woolloomooloo’s Finger Wharf, plant-based Alibi Kitchen showcases a 100% vegan dining menu spearheaded by head chef, Jordan Brogan and Ovolo’s Creative Culinary Partner, Matthew Kenney.

Alibi Bar & Kitchen Head Chef Jordan Brogan

While we’d much prefer to wine and dine you at our dining table, it’s tough out there. Lending a helping hand, we’ve looked to our plant-based recipe bank at Alibi Kitchen to inspire your dining in criteria by fulfilling your vegetable needs and equip you with additional culinary skills, while making your neighbours green with envy. You can now add 12-hour king oyster bacon to your kitchen repertoire, and you are very welcome.

Alibi Kitchen ‘Envy’ plant wall

Simultaneously, this flavour-bomb unintentionally but very successfully debunks the idea that shopping for a vegan home cooked meal is an ongoing bank breaking supermarket showdown.

Put down the food delivery service app and dust off the old spice rack because here’s one plant-based umami-packed recipe to rock your home-cooked dining in palette. Fresh from Alibi Kitchen’s newly launched seasonal 2020 spring menu, the Za’atar Roasted Autumn Salad.

Za’atar Roasted Autumn Salad


Roast vegetables


200g cauliflower
200g turnip
200g parsnip
200g swede
1 Medium leek
100g golden beetroot
100g red beetroot
50g za’atar
75ml grapeseed oil
Salt to taste


Wash all vegetables and chop in to medium sized irregular pieces, laying each vegetable on their own tray as they will cook at different times. Evenly spread za’atar, oil and salt over the vegetables, toss in the trays to make sure they’re all covered and place in the over at 190C, checking regularly until cooked.

King oyster bacon


2 each king oyster mushrooms
75ml tamari
5ml liquid smoke
30ml maple syrup
Large pinch smoked paprika


Slice oyster mushrooms to approximately 1.5cm thick. Combine all other ingredients in a large mixing bowl, adding in the sliced mushrooms to marinate overnight. The next day strain off marinade (you can keep this for the next batch if you plan on making again within 1 week) and lay flat on a tray. Set your oven to 80 degrees and place the tray of mushroom inside, leaving to dehydrate for 12 hours. Leave to cool at room temperature and store in an airtight container.



Walnuts, toasted
Baby spinach
Picked parsley
Extra virgin olive oil


Heat a couple of pieces of each vegetable so it’s just warm, not hot, Toss your choice of vegetables in a in a bowl with a handful of baby spinach, some fresh parsley and a handful of toasted walnuts. Add a little extra virgin olive oil and salt if needed and top with king oyster bacon.