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Cut and Faded – An inside guide to Hong Kong’s best barber shops

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Arthur Tam

Description: It’s Movember and in celebration of this manly month of a good cause we’re going to help you find the best barbershops in the city, so you can look sharp, groomed and ready


Men are hesitant creatures when it comes to grooming – any establishment that looks like an emasculating prospect is highly feared. So when it comes to hair, approachability is of upmost importance. Here are five barbershops that are worth your visit while you are staying at nearby Ovolo Central hotel.


Hair House Barbershop by Adam Chan

Get your boogie woogie on at Adam Chan’s all male team of barbers dressed in stylish denim aprons. This classic barbershop sprinkled with rock ‘n’ roll vibes has become the hub for both dudes and even ladies because the stylists are skilled, efficient and friendly. Whether you want a pompadour, slickback or a scumbag fade, Chan and his team have got the pomade, grease, grit and cutting skills (from $320) to give you that fresh, structured, contoured look.

Info: 2/F 20 D’Aguilar St, Central, 5598 9965;


Fox and the Barber

This neighbourhood barbershop offers a safe haven for men looking for a straightforward clean shave ($260-$720) and classic cut ($260-$560) with top of the line products like Penhaligon’s and Truefitt & Hill. The shop blends old school British charm with modern industrial chic design. Unlike other barbershops the experience at Fox and the Barber begins with a no fuss, no muss forward-facing hair wash. Skilled stylists like Sarah McGlyyn are focused and precise with clippers and shears. If you feel like living dangerously opt for a skin fade, which is a cut that gets as close to your skin as possible, leaving it smooth and providing a more striking contrast between your hair up top and along your sides.

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INFO: 41-43 Graham St, Central, 2405 6880;

The 59 Tattoo and Barber Shop

This testosterone lit barbershop blends moto gang aesthetics with old school 50s and 60s inspired décor. There is a team of five stylists that are all skilled in the style of modern, clean cuts and fades (ranging between $400-$500). What sets this shop apart is it’s colourful tattoo art offerings. If you’re looking to get freshly inked and a fresh cut, The 59 Tattoo and Barber Shop is a one-stop, to do it all.

INFO: Ming Lun St, To Kwa Wan, 6281 4140;


Edwin Watch Store Barber by Crows Nest

You won’t need a time machine to go back into the past – a trip to Edwin Watch Store will do just the trick! The men’s watch label has recently collaborated with Crows Nest Barber Shop to open up a concept store reminiscent of a fifties-style barbershop in the middle of bustling Causeway Bay. Not only does the store carry watches and jeans from the Edwin label, it also provides haircuts ($380) and shaves for the rockabilly gentleman craving a pampering experience. Time to up your pompadour game.

INFO: 27 Haven St, Causeway Bay;

ERA Barbers

If you want to relive the days of James Dean and Elvis Presley, ERA Barbers is where you’ve got to get styled. The guys here offer a full range of services like a proper wet shave ($350) done with a straight-edge razor and hot towel, a beard trim ($250) and a classic barber’s cut ($450) for faded back and sides. The ambience of the space is also full of machismo and has a good-ol’ throwback vibe that’ll transport you back to the days of the Fonz.



INFO: 36 Pottinger St, Central, 2577 3080;


Special tips courtesy of Adam Chan at Hair House

  1. Always blow-dry your hair completely before applying pomade or wax.
  2. Apply product to the root of your hairs in order to produce long-lasting volume.
  3. When shaving, remember to go with the grain and not against it.


Special tips courtesy of Sarah McGlynn at Fox and the Barber

  1. Find a barber you feel you can trust. This may take two or three haircuts to build, so be patient.
    2. Allow plenty of time for your haircut, if you’re in a rush you won’t have the best experience.
    3. Take advice from your barber as to what style would suit your hair type and lifestyle best.
  2. Ask your barber to show you how to apply the correct grooming products (pomade, clay and paste) and the amount of product you will need  for the chosen style.
  3. Visit the barbershop for regular trims. At Fox and the barber, they offer a ‘shape up’ service between cuts to keep fades fresh and cuts sharp.


Special tips courtesy of Lee Stephens at Era Barber

  1. Get your hair cut every 2 or 3 weeks, this is great for shorter crisp haircuts and it keeps gents looking consistently good.
  2. Find a photo of a haircut you actually like and don’t focus on how the model looks or anything else that has nothing to do with the haircut.
  1. When it comes to shaving, the biggest mistake that menmake is they don’t take the time to properly prepare the skin and get it ready for the blade. The best shaves are those that get the closest shave with the least amount of passes by the razor. Shaving after a hot shower when the skin is sutble and using a good quality shaving brush with a shaving soap or cream that gets a great lather enveloping all the individual hairs and lifting them from the skin. This gives the razor the path of least resistence for a smooth and comfortable shave.



Arthur TamArthur Tam, a Fashion, LGBTI, Film editor and In-house stylist for Time Out Hong Kong. Former host of From Top to Bottom – Hong Kong’s first LGBTI focused radio programme on RTHK. Basically I’m trying to cover it all. If it has to do with social issues, culture or something that has a sense of intrigue, I’m game to write about it.