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Curated Curiosities

Inspired by the eclectic culture and iconic history of the surrounding neighbourhood, Ovolo The Valley draws guests into a whimsical oasis of colour and art. Like all Ovolo’s, you’ll find surprising hints of quirkiness; custom wallpaper, eccentric furniture from the Lobby to ZA ZA TA Bar & Kitchen. With every nook and cranny, find curated curiosities at every turn.

Interested in the stories behind the magic? This one’s for all you design-philes out there.

The Lobby

Leave the heat and bustle of the city behind as you step inside Ovolo The Valley’s tropi-cool Lobby oasis. Wander into an immersive experience Wonderland-style, cocooned by a canopy of towering Monstera leaf sculptures, and the optical, dew-sprinkled leaf artwork derived from hand-painted originals by Kenneth King of Kingdom Home.  As you make your way from Reception, be amazed by Valay Gada’s colossal cast-brass Magnolia sculpture, and be greeted by the hotel’s mascot, the silver monkey on his ladder perch.  The Lobby renovation pays homage to the lush, subtropical flora of Brisbane’s surrounding rainforests, portrayed in fantastic Ovolo style which promises to take you on an adventure like no other.

Rockstar Suites

Just like their namesake, Ovolo The Valley’s Rockstar Suites are fabulous and are the perfect place to balance a little work and a lot of play time. Whether you’d like to air guitar to in Purple Rain while channelling your inner Prince, or master Bowie in Rebel Rebel.

The space is beautifully curated with original art pieces by Daniel R. Watkins and Gerwyn Davies, and designed to accommodate a sizeable entourage. The Caruso music cabinets by Paalo Capello with embedded hi-def bluetooth speaker. It stands on the edge of irony, a little futuristic, a little nostalgic, managing to combine hi-tech to the living for a multi-sensory décor.

ZA ZA TA Bar & Kitchen, well, the entire experience.

Where cultures collide amongst a sprawling, colonial backdrop, buzzing open kitchen and cocktail bar, ZA ZA TA Bar & Kitchen is inspired by the vibrant Tel Aviv dining scene.  Award-winning interior designers, Luchetti Krelle, have created a casual yet refined dining experience inspired by the conservatories of the Victorian era to nooks reminiscent of 1940’s cocktail glamour. Details from traditional Queenslander architecture are layered into the Victorian inspired interiors, giving a strong sense of local identity with an international counterpoint to ensure travellers and locals alike will feel welcomed and truly at home.

The Dining Room and Kitchen Pantry at ZA ZA TA

A shared chef’s table is the heart of this space, flanked by pantry walls containing a curated selection of colourful produce. The atmosphere is one of warmth and family-style dining where food is to be shared and visitors are warmly welcomed. A view to the nostalgic open kitchen with traditional plate racks, copper pans and the hero of the kitchen – the large beech wood fired oven where traditional pita bread is baked daily. What you will not know is that Executive Chef, Roy Ner worked with Sydney Potter, Samantha Robinson to hand make the dishes we’re served. Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. To create a bespoke dinner range for ZA ZA TA is an innovative fusion between culinary and ceramic art.

We eat with our eyes so it makes perfect sense to frame the food creatively, right?


Now, what’s your story?

Intended as a design-seeker’s paradise, Ovolo The Valley serves up a frenzy of rich colour, commissioned art pieces, vivid wallpaper and playful furniture that radiates with personality and a whole lot of fabulous – bringing art to the hotel in all forms beyond just the traditional. With every nook and cranny perfect for curating content, create your own work of art, tag @ovolohotels and #ovolohotels so we can show it off on our Instagram.