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Cultural Spots to Hit this Month

hong kong cultural spots

Face it, sometimes the summer heat gets too much for even beach and pool days. When this happens, you have to find an indoor spot that can keep you entertained for hours. What better way than the city’s hottest (and newest) cultural spots – M+ and the Hong Kong Palace Museum? 


If you’re looking for a full day activity, you’ve found it. Filled with exhibits, galleries, cafes, shops, and now even a cinema, M+ is the all-inclusive cultural hub Hong Kong’s been waiting for.

Over 1,500 works and 33 galleries are inside the museum, and these pieces of art range from Hong Kong, to Greater China, to beyond. 

If you want some inspiration on how to make the most of your day, see the full-day guide M+ has pulled together.

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Palace Museum

The best place in Hong Kong to take a deeper look into our cultural history, the newly built Hong Kong Palace Museum is truly one of its kind. Hosting over 900 priceless treasures on loan from the Palace Museum, these are being introduced to Hong Kong for the very first time.  

Even better, on every Wednesday in the first 12 months of opening, all visitors enjoy free admission to the seven thematic exhibitions. What more do you need?

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