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Celebrate the Day of Silence!

balinese traditions

Every year, Balinese people celebrate the ‘Balinese New Year’ also known as ‘Nyepi’ or the ‘Day of Silence. Observed by the Balinese Hindus, it’s reserved as a day for self-reflection, where people need to stay at home and are not allowed to use lights, start fires, work, and travel, even the airport is closed for a day. 

This year’s ‘Nyepi’ Day falls on Thursday, 3 March 2022, and is a public holiday in Indonesia.

What is ‘Nyepi’? 

‘Nyepi’ also known as the ‘Day of Silence’ is celebrated each year on the first new moon in March. Before ‘Nyepi’ day, there are several celebrations and festivities that are held such as the Hindu Balinese purification ceremony and ritual called Melasti, as well as ‘Pengerupukan’ or many people known as the famous Ogoh-ogoh parade, which occurs in every street across the island. 


Melasti Ceremony

Two days before ‘Nyepi’ day, the Hindu Balinese undergo a purification ceremony and ritual called Melasti. During this ceremony, a parade of people carries all the sacred objects from the temple to the nearby ocean and those sacred objects are cleaned and purified with the holy water from the sea as well as from the lake. 

Pengerupukan Ceremony (Ogoh-ogoh parade) 

A day before ‘Nyepi’, the Balinese Hindus have a tradition called the Pengerupukan ceremony, where across the island there will be many ‘Ogoh-ogoh’ parades in every street in Bali. ‘Ogoh-ogoh’ is a giant hand-made sculpture that symbolizes the bad elements that must be destroyed to bring back the good elements and energy for the environment. 

Image source from NOW! Bali Magazine 

Nyepi Day 

‘Nyepi Day’ also known as the ‘Day of Silence’, is a New Year’s Day in the Balinese Saka Calendar, where the entire island will come to a complete halt and fall silent for 24 hours, where during this period nobody can go outside and all the lights need to be off – even the airport will be closed during this day. This unique day presents the perfect timing for self-reflection and meditation in absolute serenity. 

When nighttime falls during Nyepi, this is where the magic happens. With zero light pollution during the 24 hours of Nyepi, witness the magical starry night skies. And if you’re lucky enough, you can even see the Milky Way with your naked eyes! 

Ngembak Geni Ceremony 

After ‘Nyepi Day’, the Balinese Hindus will have a ‘Ngembak Geni’ ceremony where this is a day of self-introspection and value about tolerance, love, patience and kindness. The name ‘Ngembak Geni’ is derived from two words: ‘Ngembak’ which translates to ‘free’, and ‘Geni’ which means ‘fire’. 

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