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Be Serenaded by your favourite Aussie artist

Hard-core Aussie music lovers, new platform Serenade now allows you to connect with your favourite Australian artist wherever you are, with a personalised virtual serenade. This brand-new music industry offering comes at a time when both the artist and the audience need it most.

Turning to our favourite tunes during times of hardship, seeking comfort and connection, is something many of us can relate to. A past time that is no less relevant in the year that has been in 2020. Hitting a whole new level of intimacy, Serenade will see that fans are able to support their favourite Australian artists with a purchase much more meaningful to both parties than the traditional mediums of songs, merch and tickets to gigs.

The cost of purchasing a personalised serenade from your favourite Aussie artist performing an original song is set by the artist themselves, ranging from $100 to $500. For an additional cost, your artist of choice will even throw in a shout out to yours truly. Since, according to I Lost My Gig Australia, the cancellation of thousands of events has resulted in $340million in lost income since April 2020, this is a price we are willing to pay to continue to the intimate connection between artist and audience.

Australian artist, Didirri

Around 50 Australian artists have already signed up to the platform from a range of genres including Didirri, Ash Grunwald and Paris Wells. Simply download the app onto your device to begin an online shopping experience like no other, to celebrate these champions of Australian music. Once you’ve made your purchase, the personalised virtual serenade will be yours to download and distribute as you please within seven days.

If your Aussie artist has yet to sign up to Serenade, don’t let this stop you from getting your one-of-a-kind connection. Take the digital equivalent of breaking through the barrier or jumping the fence. Get in touch with the guys at Serenade with your special request explaining what this video would mean to you and Founder Max Shand will get in touch with the artist’s management for you.

Serenade Founder Max Shand

We are swooning to be sung a sweet original tune from our industry favourites!