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Be an Instagram Pro!

be an instagram pro

Tips from Top Instagrammer @lielaine


1) Share your best work (or work that you like the most).

If you’re taking photos of a specific architecture, try not to post 5+ photos of the same fixture. It might get boring, and your feed will look bland. Even if I have a few shots of the same place, I pace them out so that my feed looks diverse and interesting.


2) Don’t bombard your followers with several posts in one go

The most I recommend is 3 a day, so one when you wake up, one during the afternoon and one at night. Otherwise your followers might find it too spammy, and unfollow you.


3) Respond and interact with your followers

Who knows, you might go from Instagram friends to real life friends. Due to the interaction between the people who I follow, those who follow me and myself I’ve met a lot of good friends through Instagram. For example in Hong Kong, there’s @vdubl, @jesso, @edwardkb, @vnthota, @hang_ho, @johnny__to, @rambler15 etc etc etc. We even regularly shoot together on weekends and explore new places.


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Elaine Li @lielaine

Elaine Li is born and raised in Hong Kong, and have spent time in Melbourne, Chicago and San Francisco. Now back in her hometown, she works as an advertising creative during the day, and explores the city and shoot on her free time. Her passion for photography and social media has her garnered over 69K+ following on Instagram. She has since worked with a variety of brands as a social influencer, such as American Express, 3 Hong Kong, Converse, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Ovolo Hotels etc.; and do public speaking engagements around the Instagram community.