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“Banksy: Genius Or Vandal” Exhibition Is Coming To Hong Kong This December

The largest touring exhibition of street artist Banksy’s works will take over Hong Kong in December, after touring throughout cities including Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Madrid. The highly anticipated collection has been seen by over 700,000 visitors and is taking the art world by storm.

Over 70 original sculptures, photographs and installations by the talented British artist will be on display, showcasing his most famous pieces. Like all Banksy shows, the exhibition is 100% unauthorised by the street artist legend and brings together works assembled from private collections. Guests will be met with a stunning audio-visual installation as clues about the mysterious artist are revealed throughout the exhibition. A highlight of the show is predicted to be an original of the Girl with Balloon series, similar to an iconic piece which was destroyed by Banksy in a highly publicised prank last year.

Banksy has secured his place as the world’s most famous street artist with his provocative artwork tackling hot topics such as politics, war and ethics. His anonymity has turned him into a mysterious hero for many and serves as a reminder of the power of street art.

Banksy: Genius or Vandal? will be on display at Portal 6311, Kowloon Bay from 20 December 2019 to 1 March 2020. The exhibition will be open Monday to Sunday 11am to 8pm and tickets are starting from a sweet $180 HKD.

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