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new bali fashion

A little retail therapy goes a long way to turn anyone’s tropical island holiday from excellent to one that is totally perfect! 

Fortunately for you and your friends, there are plenty of opportunities to have some fantastic shopping experiences in Bali. 

Whether browsing in the heart of Ubud (plenty of Bali Clothes made by local artisans) or looking at buying international brands in Bali’s south, there is no shortage of great clothes shopping destinations. 

Especially those in the heart of Kuta, just around our beloved MAMAKA by Ovolo

Is shopping expensive in Bali? 

Yes, and no. The great thing is that Bali provides a wide range of clothes shopping options from high-end, designer brand outlets to cheaper pop-up style markets. Therefore, you’ll undoubtedly find something to fit your budget and style without having to skimp on your sunset cocktails overlooking the beach! 

Sometimes the clothes are TOO cheap! 

You will find low-quality clothing or other items being passed off as the real thing from time to time. There is a booming trade of fake branded items like clothes and bags etc. So, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. 

That’s why buying your Bali clothing from reputable outlets such as the following will probably be the best bet. This is especially true if you want long-term quality!  

Bamboo Blonde

The Kuta area is fast becoming the new hotspot for many stylish places to buy Bali Clothes. Overlooking Kuta beach, The Beachwalk Mall is the ultimate one-stop-shop for absolutely everything and boasts a n excellent selection of branded stores. 

A three-story open-air shopping mall, Bamboo Blonde Beachwalk is where you can spend the day browsing, eating, drinking, and even catching a movie. Make sure to take a walk to our store to check the latest Bali Dresses and some great sale offers. 


Born with a slogan extraordinary simplicity, BIASA, the well-know luxury fashion brand is more than just a fashion. With its range of collections for men, women and even kids, BIASA showcases intricate detailing, creative artistry and a high standard for quality fabrics that set the brand apart from fast fashion. Innovative and becoming a fusion of fashion and art, the designs are unique and not only just adorn the body but also flattering your features. 

BIASA has a subtleness, but as you uncover the piece what appears as simple might reveals layers of complex craftmanship, hidden details and artful construction. The brand has a natural charm, encouraging the discovery of individual style through extraordinary simplicity.


By The Sea is a ready-to-wear resort wear brand based in Bali since 1999. The brand is famous for its high-quality fabrics and clean lines. Their products appeal to people who embrace the essence of tropical living. Their range of men, women and kid’s collections are sustainable and eco-friendly. Whether it’s plain colours or floral, they got you covered. The brand is popular for their comfortable linen material.


Kamma Swimwear is a contemporary articulation of Indonesian culture and heritage. Designed with the modern mind, the brand aim to create pieces that tells age-old stories of culture that can be appreciated by modern women. Providing women with contemporary and eclectic swimwear, the brand put a touch of Indonesian heritage in each piece. Kamma is also inspired by modern Parisian haute couture lifestyle which makes their products chic and sophisticated.  


The Bali Tailor is a mindfully made genuine leather footwear. The brand’s vision is to create a model that allows their customers to be the designers – to alter, customise and personalise their piece to something that suits their needs and allows them to feel confident in a piece that reflects their own personal style. Rather than adding to the increasing industry that is fast fashion, their products are slow, sustainable, and invested in timeless quality pieces that gets better in time. The brand has had many years of experience working with talented local artisans, making the most of suede and leather materials. They aim to create products that you will love for years to come – fashion investments.  

Just make sure to keep space in your suitcase on your next trip! In fact, here’s an idea – bring an empty case with you so you don’t have to worry about not enough space!