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Audrey by Bob Willoughby

For the first time ever in Hong Kong, an intimate & candid collection of Audrey Hepburn images captured by photographer Bob Willoughby will be showcased at F11 Foto Museum. Audrey Hepburn is one of the greatest style icons, actress, and remains an inspiration. In her later life, she was known for her philanthropy work as she became an ambassador for UNICEF and was dedicated to raise awareness about children in need. Fun fact – Audrey Hepburn is one of only 14 entertainers to have won Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, and Tony Awards.


The exhibition is in honour of what would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 90thbirthday, and the 10thyear death anniversary of photographer Bob Willoughby. Willoughby first met Audrey in 1953, and their friendship continued to grow, allowing him to take behind-the-scene pictures of Audrey, especially during her filming of ‘My Fair Lady,’ ‘Green Mansions,’ ‘Paris When it Sizzles,’ ‘The Children’s Hour,’ and ‘Two for the Road.’ The exhibition will showcase 90 photographs of her, one for each year since her birth. The images feature Audrey with her family, at the studio, Ip the deer, and close up candid shots.


Bob Willoughby’s son, Christopher Willoughby worked closely with the founder of F11 Foto Museum, Douglas So, to select the images. Douglas So has always been a huge fan of Audrey and all his visitors have always asked when he will have an exhibition of Audrey. The exhibition brings great joy to Christopher, and he is grateful that it is in his father’s vision.