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An Oasis in the Middle of Hong Kong – Victoria Peak Gardens


Jay Martin – The Veggo Adventurer

The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s concrete jungle can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. For long-time residents and visitors alike; the crowded streets, jam-packed sidewalks and arduous restaurant queues can leave one feeling more like a sardine than a human being.

With humidity levels verging on unbearable and the necessity for those of us regularly traversing the overpopulated footpaths to master the art of umbrella dodging, it’s no wonder people in this megalopolis tend to feel a bit claustrophobic.

If you’re in need of some space, a bit of fresh air or just some alone time in the great outdoors, there is a beautiful park not too far from Central that has everything you could possibly need. Just a short 15-minute walk up Mount Austin Road from the Peak Lookout you’ll transition into what feels like another world as you enter the picturesque Victoria Peak Gardens.

The expansive parkland is well manicured with stunning views over the city. It also comes complete with real, actual grass! You’ve probably noticed that most of the parks in Hong Kong are almost all completely paved in an effort to reduce maintenance costs, however the Peak Garden has been left in its original state, as it was when it was part of the home of the Governor of Hong Kong many years ago.

Victoria Peak Gardens is different to most other Hong Kong public parks in that dogs are also allowed to enjoy the space there. So if you’ve been looking for a convenient place to take your best friend out for some fresh air and a decent run around, look no further!

Surprisingly, the space at Victoria Peak Gardens is not well utilized so you can always find your own personal space to have a picnic, play with your dog, look out over the city, or spend time with that special someone in your life.

How to get there:
Victoria Peak Garden sits at the end of Mount Austin Road, a short walk from The Peak Tower, which you can access easily by bus or via the Peak Tram. It’s also only a short taxi ride away from Central if you don’t want to deal with the crowds. Car parking facilities are also available for those of your daring enough to drive in Hong Kong’s traffic.
Click here for Google Maps and directions.

jayJay Martin was born in Brisbane, Australia, but has spent his life traversing the world in search of excitement and freedom. From tearing up the slopes in Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand to backpacking across Europe and living the high-life in Asia, there’s always a new challenge on the horizon for this intrepid adventurer.

After graduating from the University of Queensland with a BBM (Marketing), and working at a few advertising agencies, Jay went out to start his own digital marketing firm. Assisting other businesses build their brands through the development of interesting and exciting content has helped him fine-tune his own passion for writing.

He is currently based between Hong Kong and Australia, with his job allowing him the freedom to travel and work from wherever his next escapade begins- as long as they have internet there.