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An Hour a Neighborhood: Making the most of Hong Kong’s Eastern District

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You’ve got four meeting invites, all on the same day and it’s up to YOU to propose when and where. Oh and the cherry on top: someone has requested, No Causeway Bay! 

Okay don’t panic. Your life in Hong Kong shouldn’t revolve around the city centre. Every district in Hong Kong is quite unique, each with its own edge and sometimes, quirkiness. So if you’ve got the flexibility to schedule and arrange your potential business opportunities, be adventurous and explore a lesser-known district! Even better, disperse your meetings throughout various cafes – it can get pretty boring sitting at the same coffee shop for 5 long hours.

The best way to complete the day is to schedule all your meetings in the same district – but obviously at different neighborhoods. Let’s kick start with the Eastern District!

Few tips:

  • When on Hong Kong Island, take the tram! It’s easier to hop from one neighborhood to another.
  • Give yourself some buffer time – I would say 20 minutes in between each meeting would be sufficient!

So let’s work our way up!



Morning Coffee in Tin Hau


Start the day early! Grab your daily dose of morning coffee at Pumpernickel while you kickstart your first meeting of the day. It sits just off of Electric Road and it’s about a 3-min walk from Tin Hau MTR so you don’t have to worry about lugging your laptop for ages.


1A Lau Li Street, Tin Hau 

9:30 am – 11:00 pm



Brekkie in North Point


So your first cup of coffee didn’t quite hit the spot – and you’re getting hungry. Go for another coffee meeting in North Point at Relax & Refresh and pair it with a slice of artisanal bread and scrambled eggs. This quaint café is the perfect spot for a quiet meeting – and they’ve got outdoors too so if you’re feeling the sun and breeze, enjoy your meeting outside!

Relax & Refresh

Shop 1A, G/F Tanner Court, North Point

7:30 am – 5:30 pm


Juice Break in Tai Koo


The caffeine is definitely kicking in and you’re all pumped for your next meeting…maybe TOO pumped. Hop on the tram or bus from North Point and make your way over to Tai Koo’s Café Greenprint @ Eslite Spectrum! They’ve got an assortment of juices and hot tea so you can calm your nerves over your 3rd meeting! And if you find yourself with a little more time, walk around the Eslite bookstore and stationary store and discover some hidden gems!

Café Greenprint

Shop G016, Eslite Spectrum

Cityplaza, 18 Taikoo Shing Road

11:00 am – 10:00 pm



Late Lunch Meeting in Quarry Bay


All that talking is getting you hangry. Yes, hangry with a big fat A. And you’ve got one more meeting to go! Don’t let your hangriness scare off your potential business partner. Head back to Quarry Bay and indulge your tastebuds in a succulent reuben sandwich at Mr & Mrs Fox! It’s wooden tables and rustic décor will turn your lunch meeting up a notch. ‘Cause there’s nothing wrong with a lunch meeting!

Mr & Mrs Fox

G/F 23 Tong Chong Street

Quarry Bay

11:00 am – 11:00 pm



Jessica Tryde, born in Australia, bred in Taiwan, is a creative English copywriter living in Hong Kong. Her job includes whipping out creative ideas and digital executions. During her spare time, you’ll find her weight lifting in the gym, training for a gladiatorial bloodbath in a Muay Thai class or attempting to perform a yoga pose. If not working out, you’ll find her mingling with the locals at the wet market or reading at a local Hong Kong café.