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Airplane beauty: Leave the plane looking pretty and rested


Karen Chan
 Guest Blogger

You’ve probably seen candid photos of celebrities at the airport, and marveled at their superhuman ability to maintain perfect hair and skin after a long flight. Those photos probably recalled memories of looking into the mirror after leaving a plane and seeing only limp, stringy hair and an oily complexion.

“Yeah,” you’ve probably said to yourself. “Actresses have a team of stylists and makeup artists trailing their every step. It’s only understandable that they look flawless while I look like something the cat dragged in.”

But before you succumb to a cycle of despair and self-pity, we’re here to help. Follow these easy airplane beauty tips, and while you won’t leave the plane looking exactly like a runway model, we can guarantee you’ll at least be camera-ready.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate


Nothing’s more important than keeping yourself hydrated! Airplane cabins are extremely dehydrating, so it’s essential to keep your skin moisturized. Use a refreshing facial spray once every hour to soothe your skin. If you’re on a long haul flight, consider carrying a small jar of overnight mask with you. Just smooth some on once the lights go out, pull down your eye mask and get some sleep. Once you wake up, you’ll find that your skin has retained its pre-departure glow!

Keep your face bare


We understand if you don’t like leaving the home without makeup on. But the air in the plane is constantly recycled, which means that it’s easy for micro-particles to clog your pores. Going makeup-free will give your skin a chance to breathe during the flight. If you really can’t bear to part with your foundation, consider decanting a small bottle of makeup remover to use on the plane after it takes off.

Don’t forget your lips and eyes!


Puffy eyes and cracking lips will add years to your face, so don’t neglect these parts during your airplane beauty routine! If it’s a hassle to bring along extra jars of cream, you can try one of those multi-purpose balms and salves. Apply generously on your under-eye area and lips and let it slowly sink in during the flight.

Make good use of wet wipes


Wet wipes are a lifesaver during a flight, and they’re not just for your hands. It’s easy to get a little ripe and smelly after spending hours cooped up with strangers in a small space. Just before you land, give yourself a good wipe in the airplane bathroom, especially under the arms and around the neck. If you’re the sweaty type, a quick spray of deodorant will mask any unpleasant odours until you reach your hotel or home!

Keep your volume up


Your hair volume that is! Hair gets oily and limp very easily during flights, so hours before you board, work in a light volumizer spray and some dry shampoo into your roots and blow dry. A good travel neck pillow will also prevent the hair at the back of your head from becoming too crushed. And if it still doesn’t work, a messy bun or low ponytail can help you look chic in a pinch!


Karen Chan is a local English copywriter who churns out social posts and taglines for a living. Inspired by her fellow copywriter, she has discovered the joy of working out, and is currently on a quest to live as healthily as her sweet tooth allows. In her spare time, she also loves trying new cafés and restaurants around the city.