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There’s nothing worse than needing a holiday after your holiday, is there? 

I’m a single mum and wellness expert. I’ve written 8 health books, and I know full well how important it is to rest, rejuvenate and actually take a break. You want to hit the ground running (or at least relaxing) when you land! 

Travelling and planning your holiday activity schedule can be exhausting, so here are my seven top things to do on a Sydney Weekend Getaway that will help you feel well-rested and relaxed. 

andi lew cooking a healthy meal

1. Bondi Icebergs pool and spa 

The combination of this amazing hot to cold treatment and movement is super therapeutic. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; swimming in the cold Bondi Beach ocean is not only iconic but healing. The pool is seawater, and swimmers often thaw out in the sauna after the swim. 

Relax in one of Sydney’s best Instagram spots before grabbing a coffee or coconut water at the Crabbe Hole Cafe. It costs $9 for adults and $5 for children, and you don’t need to book. 

bondi pool and beach

2. Book in a Chiropractic Treatment

Dr John Triantis is a graduate of Macquarie University, with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic. He’s one of Sydney’s most highly sought after and skilled chiropractors. After graduating, he gained extensive experience treating low back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, postural assessments, sports-related injuries and biomechanics. 

His unique hands-on approach allows him to offer a detailed and complete method of managing various injuries and improving overall wellbeing. You’ll feel less tension by taking pressure off your nervous system. If you have private health care, you’ll be able to claim his services. Best to book in advance. Chiropractic by Dr John Triantis | Kensington 0438 294 014.

3. Camp Cove OJ and Coastal Walk

Try the freshly squeezed orange juice at Camp Cove kiosk and do a scenic nature walk to see the HMAS canon. This beach is local, quiet, and beautiful. The cafe is well known for its orange juice in a cute bag and has an Instagrammable exterior with fresh bags of orange and sarongs hanging around it. 

The coastal walk is about 15 minutes, and it’s a joy to check out some local history when you get to the top and discover a canon that looks over scenic Sydney. The whole experience is free, and if you don’t like orange juice, the kiosk offers salads, frozen sugar-free slushies and iced coffees. 

camp cove orange juice

4. Shelly Beach Snorkelling 

Another top wellness activity is a day of snorkelling at Shelly Beach in Manly. Catch a ferry to Sydney’s northern beaches and check out the underwater world at the national park of Shelly Beach. Whilst you’re there snorkelling or swimming, stop off for a spot of lunch at The Boathouse, where you can enjoy an extensive menu and feel like you’re in an exclusive cove similar to a Bali vibe. 

5. Nutritional Wellness Cooking Lesson

Book in for a nutritional wellness kitchen cooking lesson with me! Come to North Bondi, or have me come to your venue to educate you on healthier eating habits. Get excited about cooking with real food and learn how to nourish and create vitality with a two-hour holistic experience. Small groups and couples are your choices to experience the delectable delights that can be tailored to suit your food intolerances or preferences. Bookings required!

healthy home cooked meal

6. Fitness Training Session at VRTUS

Do a group fitness training session at new boutique studio, VRTUS. Iconic AFL legend Anthony Koutidifes has given this place the thumbs up, as well as many other athletes and wellness folk wanting a supportive culture to improve their strength, fitness and conditioning. Book in advance and feel the burn! The wide-open doors let the air in, and the awesome music makes this atmosphere my kind of disco!

mum and son at vrtus gym
group of adults at gym session

 7. The Grounds of Alexandria

For some cultural fun, visit the Grounds of Alexandria. Every few months, the theme of this restaurant changes, creating an ever-changing immersive experience. It’s like a set designer’s dream! 

Last time I was there, it was like walking through a film set of Beauty and the Beast mixed with a festive feel. Every nook and cranny is photo-worthy so bring your videographer and insta husband. There’s an animal farm for the kids and a place to dine or buy flowers. Immerse all your senses in an explosion of colour and fun! No booking required but get excited over this!

grounds of Alexandria

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