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6 Simple and Easy In-Room Exercises

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Jessica Tryde- Local Fitness Nut

As exciting as traveling can get – it’s sometimes tremendously tiring. The best way to give yourself a boost of energy? Fitting in a quick and effective workout. Not only is it healthy, the adrenaline rush will wake you up naturally so you can save that 40 HKD you planned on spending on an energy drink. It’ll also keep you motivated and relieve unnecessary back pain from sitting through monotonous meetings.

Getting in a decent workout doesn’t mean you have to lift an inhumane amount of weight at the gym, or run half a marathon. A gym workout in your very own hotel room can be just as effective.

Travellers, business travellers specifically, may not have the time to hit the gym or go for a morning swim. So what you’ll need is an effective 20-minute workout sans equipment!

You may choose to mix and match your preferred exercises, or add in a few others – but here are some of our room-friendly workout picks:




Step up to balance

Step up to balance

Where you’re working: the thighs and the glutes, core stability

Step 1: Stand facing the bed, straighten your back, engage your core and place hands on your hip while you keep your arms tight to body

Step 2: Place your right foot on the bed, step through your heel to tighten your glutes and push yourself up.

Repeat on your left leg

10 step ups per leg, 3-5 sets






A compound, or full body, movement that works all the muscles in the body.

Where you’re working: your legs, your glutes, core stability

Step 1: Stand straight, toes pointed forward, engage your core

Step 2: Push your butt back while keeping your chest up and back straight (engage abdominal muscles throughout), as if you’re sitting down on a chair.

Repeat 12 times per set, 3 – 5 sets





One-legged His Thrusts

One legged hip thrusts

Where you’re working: glutes

Step 1: Lay flat on the back, knees bent, arms flat on the ground

Step 2: Extend your right leg in the air, keep it as straight as possible

Step 3: Tighten your core and glutes and push up

Repeat 10 times per leg, 3-5 sets (remember to do both legs)





Tricep Dip

Tricep dips

Where you’re working: triceps, shoulder girdle stability

Step 1: Position your hands shoulder-width apart

Step 2: Lower yourself down until your elbows make a right angle

Step 3: Press base of palm into the edge of bed and return to starting position and repeat

8 – 10 dips per set, 3-5 times




Russian Twists

Russian twists

Where you’re working: your obliques, your abdominals, your upper back

Step 1: Sit on the floor with your knees bent (you may lift you feet off the ground to make it more challenging

Step 2: Lean back at a 45-degree angle and keep abdominals tight and engaged

Step 3: Place your arms in front of your chest and rotate from left to right as far as you can. Pause on each side.

20 times per set, 3-5 sets.





world's greatest stretch

World’s greatest stretch

Where you’re stretching: the chest, the hamstring,

Step 1: Starting in a lunge position, place your right leg forward with your knees positioned in a 90 degree angle.

Step 2: Lift your right hand off the floor and bend your right elbow so it forms a 90-degree angle – reach as far as you can without rounding your back

Step 3: Now open up your chest and extend your right arm to the ceiling, look up.

Repeat on the left side


So there you have it! Simple and effective exercises you can do in your very own hotel room.

About the trainer:

Niall’s passion for sports began at a young age and has been training for over 5 years. Having gained his University degree in 2010, he decided to pursue a career in fitness and gained his certificate with NASM. As an avid footballer, Niall believes that physical fitness compliments performance excellence in both a competitive and daily environment. With this philosophy, he emphasizes exercising with correct technique to produce optimal physical fitness and applies this whilst training his clients. Niall keeps current with changes in the industry, having gained qualifications in TRX and ViPR to supplement traditional resistance training. Niall recognises that a variety in training techniques creates effective challenges for his clients, which brings about positive results. Correct muscle balance and well-rounded fitness enhances the quality of life.

For more information, contact Niall Cox at

Now the freedom is all yours – mix and match to your heart’s content (but make sure you say the right greeting for the right situation!)


JessicaTrydeJessica Tryde, born in Australia, bred in Taiwan, is a creative English copywriter living in Hong Kong. Her job includes whipping out creative ideas and digital executions. During her spare time, you’ll find her weight lifting in the gym, training for a gladiatorial bloodbath in a Muay Thai class or attempting to perform a yoga pose. If not working out, you’ll find her mingling with the locals at the wet market or reading at a local Hong Kong café.