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5 Ways To Beat Hong Kong’s Winter

This winter has been a particularly cold one here in Hong Kong. Although the weather feels warmer during the daytime when the sun is out, don’t underestimate the temperature the weather could reach when night falls. This weather is likely to last until at least the end of February so it’s important to prep yourself and your family to ensure no one falls sick (especially now with COVID). If the cold is a little too unbearable, here are 5 tips and tricks to help make it a little more manageable.

1. Keep your body temp up with UNIQLO’s heattech

This should almost be a no-brainer, but in case you haven’t heard, UNIQLO’s heattech is definitely a must have staple for any winter. Not only is it stretchy and comfortable, but it generates and retains your body heat so you can stay roasty toasty when worn with a sweater and coat on top. If you tend to run cold, you can check out their collection of heattech items, which includes blankets, tops, pants, fleece, and more.

2. Get a Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater

Some homes may have AC units that also have a heat function, some may have radiators. But those can all feel very drying on the skin, which isn’t ideal especially when many Hong Kongers aren’t used to such dry air. The Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater is the perfect solution for this. It’s able to dispel out heat without drying out the environment around it. It’s precise room heating allows you to choose and maintain your chosen room temperature and it’s smooth oscillation can direct airflow to heat your room evenly and keep it warm for as long as you want. Though it could put a hole in your wallet, it is for sure a worthy investment in the long term.

3. Stay comfy and cosy with an electric blanket

When the weather is cold and gloomy and the weekend is right around the corner, don’t you just dream of staying in bed, cuddling up, and staying cosy? Though having huge duvets and multiple blankets might seem like the go to, it simply isn’t ideal. With an electric blanket, all you need to do is fix it onto your mattress, lie on top, and cover yourself with a nice duvet to feel that all around warmth. But maybe only get it if you have the self-control to get up for work on weekdays!


4. Keep the heat in

Are you sometimes sitting in your room and suddenly feel a slight chill or draft and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from? Though your doors may be shut, there are often gaps underneath that could allow the chilly air from outside to enter. To retain the heat within your home, seal any gaps with old towels or clothes. If you are worried about ruining your home aesthetic and want to get fancy, you can also buy a door draft stopper.

5. Warm your heart and soul at Ovolo restaurants

More importantly than anything else is to ensure you’re eating some wholesome, hearty, and warming food at this time. With 3 restaurants all serving up something different, there’s no lack of variety. Feast on comfort Mexican food at Te Quiero Mucho where the spices are sure you keep you looking and feeling hot. Dive into Veda’s homey vegetarian meal inspired from Indian flavours. Fill up on Komune’s indulgent dishes that showcases vegetarian food as more than just cold salads and raw vegetables.