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5 Reasons Beertopia’s for Non-Beer Lovers Too!

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I know it sounds counterintuitive – if you don’t like beer, what the heck are you doing at a beer festival?!?! Having a set of draught pourers in front of you at a bar is one thing, but an entire (entrapped) event full of ale?!?! Well hear me out – Beertopia, contrary to its name, is more than just about beers. Yes it occupies majority of the festival, but there’s plenty of reasons why non-beer lovers should also attend. From the food to the games and even the cocktails (yep!), when you realise your event ticket’s got more value than just a bunch of vouchers for a few pale ales and stouts, you’ll be asking yourself: why didn’t I book when they had early tickets?! Don’t believe me? If pounding back cocktails versus a pint of lager’s more your thing, check out the top five reasons your non-beer loving-self gonna get some serious #FOMO:


1. The Music

No event can call itself a festival without music – let alone a festival about alcohol! Beertopia 2016’s got a killer line up planned, with 10 local bands & DJs expected to crank up the party all weekend long.

Check out one of the band’s (Jimmy2Times) performances from 2015:


2. The Food

If you really want an alternative reason to the beer for coming to Beertopia, how about some of the best-damn food Hong Kong has offer? Beertopia knows a thing or two about good food. That’s why they’ve gathered over 20 restaurants to cater to masses. Slow-cooked beef brisket sandwiches from Bread & Beast, fried chicken & waffles from Boomshack, French fries with an orgy of condiments…need I say more? #ComeHungry




3. The Games

Sure most of the games are beer related, but what’s stopping you from playing flip cup with vodka soda? Or enjoying beer pong with some other beverage? The point is, games are a-plenty. There’s also loads of non-drinking based games to enjoy, so your worries of not being entertained are pretty much moot.



4. The Craft Cocktails

Can’t stand the bitter taste of beer? Well what if it was glammed up with vodka, guava juice and maybe even a bit of Rosé? Beer cocktails are now (surprisingly) a thing in Hong Kong, and one of its biggest champions, hipster hangout The Woods, will be putting a few of their concoctions on display at Beertopia. From the Go-Go-Gose, (vodka-based with sour Cha Chaan Teng Gose, fresh guava flavours and subtle notes of rose) to the Rye So Serious, (bourbon-based with Rye on Wood and hints of orange peel and citrus), there’s craft cocktail even beer haters can’t hate!


5. Sh-sh-sh-shisha!

Yes smoking is bad for you, but good luck trying to pass up a toke on these shishas! Beertopia’s setting up its own fancy-shmancy, 2,000 square-foot shisha garden thanks to Cloud 93 to enjoy a hit of the fruity tobacco. So chill out, inhale, and exhale to nirvana!


Need one last reason? How about the chance to wear that crazy Halloween costume you had one more time? This guy gets it ;-)


Get your tickets here:


Still not convinced? Why not try before you buy and attend the official Beertopia pre-event Southern Brew at Ovolo Southside! Food, drinks, games and prizes are all awaiting.



Ellie Kate

Amadou is an American-raised, Hong Kong-based writer, communicator, and all-around lover of travel & food. He speaks four foreign languages and loves recommending new and exciting things to people whenever they go somewhere new. When not managing  his day job, you’ll probably find him at a happy hour or at the park with his Maltese Terrier, Maxx.