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5 Hong Kong Artists You Need to Know About


Babette Radclyffe
Guest Blogger

From cursive curses to graffiti grunge, we highlight five of Hong Kong’ most creative artists

Samson Young

All hail Samson Young, the very first traveling artist of the BMW Art Journey. A ground breaking sound artist, Young was traditionally trained as a composer before turning to multimedia projects and site specific performances. Young’s work starts its journey this summer so keep your eyes peeled for his creative exploits.

samson young - kodiak rifle 2015 ink, watercolour and modelling paste on paper samson young - liquid borders 2012 sound composition and graphical score
samson young - pastoral music (but it is entirely hollow) 2015, documentation of field workk samson young - serious grape flavor a synthpop boyband (2014), performance documentation

Tsang Kin-wah

Tsang Kin-Wah’s signature style of text and video melange has garnered acclaim both locally and further afield, having recently represented Hong Kong on the global stage at the Venice Biennale with his work “The Infinite Nothing.” Tsang’s best-known works playfully combine English and Chinese text weaving profanity-laden text into fantastic floral designs.

Tsang Kin-Wah, If_You_Don't_Kill_Him,He_Will_Kill_You_(2012), digital installation tsang kin-wah, i love u (pink on white), 2006, silkscreen and acrylic on fabric
Tsang kin-wah, Interior_112005 (2005), silkscreen on canvas Tsang Kin-Wah, The_Sixth_Seal_(2014), digital installation

Lee Kit

Hong Kong-based award winning artist Lee Kit isn’t limited by genre. Working across media turning his hand to drawing, painting, video and installation. Kit is most renowned for his hand-painted cloth works, which embody his enduring design ethos of focusing on the artistic process.

lee kit, untitled 2003, acrylic and ink on fabric Lee Kit, My pillow seems like a bed, a pillow seems like my bed(2008) Acrylic on fabric, sewing, readymade, video
Lee Kit, Johnson's - the Cooling Bath II (2010), acrylic, inkjet ink, tapes on cardboard
Lee Kit, Pears-the lasting care (2010), acrylic, inkjet ink, fixative and pencil on cardboard

Kwan Sheung Chi

International art fans have yet to discover this born and bred Hong Kong star. Kwan has not shown extensively internationally, but this hasn’t hampered him from bringing home the inaugural Hugo Boss Asia Art Award. Working across a broad range of media including installations, drawings, performance and photography, no need to fear as there’s something for every art lover with Kwan.

Kwan Sheung Chi, Water Barrier (Maotai Water 1.999) (2013) installation Kwan Sheung Chi, Like a dog (2015), concrete
Kwan Sheung Chi, Hong Kong (2012), offset print on paper  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


City walls become the canvas for this fresh, emerging Hong Kong graffiti artist. An illustrator as well as a graffiti artist, Carotoes’ murals have adorned walls worldwide from Shanghai to Hawaii. Bold, bright colours and lines are emblematic of her work, but you won’t find it in the gallery so keep an eye out around town!

caratoes3 caratoes 2015Processed with VSCOcam caratoes 2014, lfie painting for four seasons hotel about sustainable development in asia



Fashion and lifestyle journalist Babette Radclyffe-Thomas is based in the concrete jungle of creativity, Hong Kong. Having spent her formative teenage years in Hong Kong, after a MA in Fashion Journalism from the London College of Fashion, the city’s charms lured her back and she has made it her mission to discover the latest creative hotspots and trend setters.