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3 Passionate French Films to Watch

Jenny Wong

What happens to you when you’re in love? I’m not just talking about love, but passionate, tingly-sensation-all-over kind of love? Something inside is ignited and ‘moves’ you. It brings about a new energy, a ‘hum’ that makes you come alive. When you’re passionately in love with someone, it’s a feelings that lasts. French romance films are all about this lip-biting, knock-you-off-your-feet kind of love.

I love the French romance comedy films. It’s the second best thing after having your own bit of romance, leaving you with a high and maybe even the courage to set your own steamy romantic scene after. Alliance Francais’ upcoming French Film Festival is chock-full of romantic movies. Taking place across Australia from now till May, you’ll find loads of modern and classic French romance films on offer. Wanna feel the heat? Here’s my pick of 3 passionate French flicks that are sure to leave you steaming…

#1 Blind Date

Blind Date

As her fingers glided along the keys of the piano, she could hear the excitement in his breathing as she played Chopin. He could feel her passion in her music as she played for him. She closed her eyes, he closed his and when their immersion into musical ecstasy ended, they both opened their eyes again only to realise the brick wall that separates them.

Imagine developing a relationship with someone you have never seen before. You both agree not to know each other’s names, you are able to hear what they say and do everyday, but you never see them. Ok, I know it sounds like a Tinder match, but I trust me, there was no swiping to the right here.

In Blind Date, a relationship develops between two neighbours, an attractive young pianist and an obsessive designer who originally demands to be in absolute silence, who are separated by a very thin common wall due to an architecture defect. You’re probably asking: Couldn’t they just knock a hole into the wall and get it over with?!?! But this film is about how relationships can just develop from the most basic requirement of just being present and sometimes not seeing, is when you see things more clearly. This film is highly entertaining, quirky and loads of fun to watch.

Duration: 90 minutes (PG)
Director: Clovis Cornillac
Cast: Mélanie Bernier, Clovis Cornillac, Lilou Fogli, Philippe Duquesne

#2 All About Them

All About Them

All About Them

One-word: Threesomes. What happens when there’s an intertwined love with three people involved? The film, All About Them is a naughty but nice comedy of erotic complications between an impassioned lawyer Melodie who’s entwined with Charlotte. The return of Charlotte’s boyfriend Micha comes as a shock and soon Micha falls for Melodie and vice versa while Melodie still loves Charlotte. How long can two parallel affairs continue? Is three really a crowd? The films shows us how just like in real life, threesomes can be fun but awfully messy even on film. Definitely a fresh and quirky twist on the classic ménage à trois. This film is guaranteed to raise a smile (or something).

Duration: 86 minutes (15years+)
Director: Jerome Bonnell
Cast: Anais Demoustier, Felix Moati, Sophi Verbeeck, Patrick D’Assumcao

#3 Courted



This film is an interesting blend of courtroom drama and a suppressed love. Title character, Xavier Racine, is a judge that presides in a country court over a tragic murder case. He recognises jury member Ditte, whom he fell in love with several years ago when he was admitted to hospital. The judge, breaking all protocol, connects with her outside. In wistful contemplative dialogue scenes, the judge softens his heart as they recall a past of missed opportunities, all while revelations of the murder unfold. The acting is brilliant in this film and very engaging to watch.

Duration: 98 mins (PG)
Director: Christian Vincent
Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Eva Lallier, Corinne Masiero

The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival 2016 is on now for the next few weeks. Check out the Festival’s website for session times in your capital city.


Jenny Wong, a writer, photographer, content creator, and digital influencer is the founder of her blog See.Taste.Do an Australian based lifestyle blog focusing on food, fashion and travel. Her blog is essentially a curation of interesting, quirky and recommended-only things you can ‘see, taste and do’. You can follower on Facebook or Instagram and her blog