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17 Things To Bring When You Go Camping In Australia


Vicky Vortex
Guest Blogger

Camping in a virgin rainforest in NSW or Victoria by the sea is fun but is it also a bit of a mission. Here are the things that you must pack in order to survive:

  1. A UV-protected silver reflective tent with lots of cross-ventilation to keep the tent cool so that you can sleep in until noon; and don’t forget the tent poles….
  2. A self-inflated mat for you to sleep on
  3. A warm sleeping bag because it is cold even in the summer
  4. A portable gas stove with a lamp
  5. Mosquito repellent, sun-screen, a hat, sunglasses and swimming costumes
  6. A gasoline lamp; and apply the gasoline directly onto the tick that bites you
  7. Tarpaulin – one for shelter, one for the ground and another one for underneath the tent
  8. An esky full of frozen sticky rice dumplings which you boil for a quick lunch; frozen marinated meat for a BBQ in a bon fire at night; fresh vegetables and kim chi; drinks
  9. Bring as much water as you can carry
  10. Beach chairs and a stack of books that you want to bury your head into
  11. Toilet paper and a shovel – don’t expect any toilet facilities, so dig a hole for number two and bury everything properly
  12. Hiking shoes for expeditions
  13. Lots of matches and lighters
  14. Transport and store your dry food such as chicken broth,noodles, eggs and biscuits in paper boxes to protect them from possums that tend steal food
  15. Torches and batteries
  16. Toiletries: only a toothbrush and toothpaste will do as cleaning yourself in the sea leaves your skin smooth and impeccable – do not expect any showers
  17. Hand sanitizer that doesn’t require any fresh water

One last piece of advice: enjoy grounding and detoxing by simply walking around bear-footed in nature which is full of negative ion. Right before sunset, take over the sun block by applying mosquito repellent onto every inch of your skin.


Vicky Vortex from Hong Kong left her hometown at the age of 14 to study in Oxford, England before moving to Sydney, Paris, London, Bangkok and Hanoi. She has worked as a journalist at IdN, Lifestyle + Travel, National Geographic, Namaskar, Positive News and the LUXE Guide on Hanoi. She was also a writer for the Peninsula Bangkok. She is currently a high-school teacher in Hong Kong, fulfilling her childhood dream to make it fun for the kids!