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Move over October – it’s Movember

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Guys, it’s time to shave it off. Come on, who’s not competing for the perfect stache. It’s all for good cause, so get the razors out and raise awareness for your lad’s health- fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and our best mates, this one is for them. Before you get started, here are 5 essential tips every gentleman needs to know about growing a mo. 


1. Expect the Ugly

Be prepared because phase one is the ugly stage. When you first grow out a beard, it’s going to be patchy, uneven and not to mention itchy. All you can do it wait it out and dress it up. After a week, you can expect your scruff to be more manageable. No longer will it look like you got back from a week-long bender. 


2. Hands Off

You might be tempted to scratch, rub or sculpt. But you don’t want to break out. It’s best to resist over shaping until your beard begins to fill out. 


3. Hydrate!

You can’t skip your nightly skincare regime during Movember. The grim builds up, clogging pores and drying up your skin. Make sure to use a face scrub and moisturise daily. 


4. Invest in a good comb 

The wrong comb can damage your facial hair causing split ends and entangled, rough patches in your beard. A new comb will not break the bank, so buy one and mark the start of movember. 


5. Know your Face 

Every face is unique! And a beard changes and even enhances your facial structure especially the jawline. Do a little research, ask your barber and trusted mates on what look would suit you best. Lastly, make sure you flaunt your personality with your new mo. 

In support of the Movember Foundation, Ovolo has partnered with Selvedge Barbers to raise awareness on men’s health, especially prostate cancer. To learn more on our partnership, click here. 

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