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Dream Bali Wedding at MAMAKA By Ovolo.

“Design your wedding your way”

Say “I do” with Bali ocean views

As the sun sets, take your wedding vows and seal the deal on one of the most exotic islands in the world, a setting that you will cherish for an eternity. At Ovolo, we work closely with every couple to make their day perfect, offering a variety of Bali wedding packages tailored to suit your needs.

Located perfectly in the heart of the thriving Kuta–Legian neighbourhood, MAMAKA By Ovolo is the ideal beachfront urban resort to celebrate your unforgettable wedding day in Bali.

Your Effortless Beachfront Wedding

Your Effortless Bali Beachfront Wedding

With views of the endless Indian Ocean set to be your backdrop, MAMAKA’s Rooftop can become your private sanctuary for your wedding and reception. Let the cool sea breeze flow into MAMAKA’s open-aired rooftop, a space that gives your special day in Bali an effortless elegance.

Your Elegant Poolside Wedding in Bali

Curate your Bali wedding ceremony with the perfect poolside ambience and endless ocean views. The happy couple and guests can bask in the sunset while in a poolside oasis. Gather your loved ones at the Poolside Deck and bring your dream wedding in Bali to life.

Why Choose us as your Bali Wedding Destination?

MAMAKA rooftop offers the perfect romantic, memorable, and mind-blowing backdrop to your special day. With the best view in town, overlooking Kuta beach, enjoy the MAMAKA rooftop and its magical atmosphere whilst watching the sun set.

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Great honeymoon stay!

The Ovolo Mamaka has a special place in our hearts as we got engaged on the rooftop at sunset on our last trip to Bali. Where else would we start our Bali honeymoon! We have been to a lot of 5+ star hotels and I must say this is one of the greatest breakfasts on the rooftop with bubbles served. Already looking forward to returning! – BB, Tripadvisor

A great 2 week oceanfront Balu experience.

We loved everything about our stay at Mamaka. Right from the start we were impressed, by the thoughtful welcome pack in our room, to all the extra bits in between. Fantastic rooftop pool with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas. Relaxing cool rooftop bar and dining, with the best Kuta Beach views. Delicious and fresh breakfast options. Fantastic location across from the famous Kuta Beach, skatepark and sunset beach bars.  – Stephen D, Tripadvisor

Amazing Bali honeymoon

Everything was so wonderful. Absolutely loved it. Location is super close to Kuta beaches, the restaurant has a beautiful view of the sea, especially at sunset. Hotel is clean, the staff is friendly and helpful. – Henrietta, Tripadvisor

Bali Wedding FAQ 

Best time to get married in Bali?
The best time for a Bali wedding is during the dry season, from April to October, to ensure clear skies and pleasant weather. However, Bali’s tropical climate allows for weddings throughout the year.
Can foreigners get married in Bali?
Yes, foreigners can legally get married in Bali. The process involves specific requirements and paperwork, but Bali is a popular destination for international weddings.
How easy is it to get married in Bali?
Getting married in Bali can be relatively straightforward with proper planning. While there are specific legal requirements, many resorts and wedding planners in Bali assist couples in navigating the process.
Do you need a witness to get married in Bali?
Yes, you typically need two witnesses for a legal marriage in Bali. These witnesses can be friends or family members who are at least 18 years old and have valid identification.
How long Is a Bali wedding ceremony?
The duration of a Bali wedding ceremony can vary based on cultural or religious preferences and the complexity of the celebration. On average, ceremonies can range from 30 minutes to a few hours.
What paperwork do you need to get married in Bali?
The required paperwork includes valid passports, birth certificates, a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage, and a few other documents depending on your nationality. It’s crucial to check with local authorities and your wedding planner for specific requirements.
What does the coconut symbolise in Bali weddings?
The coconut holds symbolic significance in Balinese weddings. It is often used in rituals, representing fertility, cleansing, and unity. Breaking a coconut during the ceremony is a common tradition.
Catholic weddings in Bali:
Bali has several Catholic churches and Catholic weddings are recognised in the eyes of the Church. The process involves coordination with the local parish, submission of required documents, and adherence to Catholic marriage rites. Remember, it’s essential to consult with local authorities, your wedding planner, or the embassy to ensure you fulfil all legal requirements for a memorable and legally recognised wedding in Bali.