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Hong Kong’s Secret Hotspots

Marianne Rogerson – Mom on the Move

Think you know Hong Kong? Think again. Here we bring you some of Hong Kong’s secret hotspots where, tucked down hidden alleys or behind unmarked doors you will find in-the-know locals sipping on espresso martinis, smug in the knowledge that they know something that you don’t know. Well now you do too…

Feather Boa


Image courtesy of Sassy Hong Kong

There’s nothing secret about Soho as a nightlife destination. The streets are spilling over from the plethora of bars and restaurants here. But you could quite easily walk past Feather Boa and be none the wiser. You need to knock on the unmarked door and wait to be inspected from behind the curtain, before being granted entry (or not). The clientele is as eclectic as the interior, but everyone is here for the same thing – the chocolate dusted strawberry daiquiris.

38 Staunton Street. Look for the blue wood and glass door.

Brick House


Image courtesy of life style asia

One of Hong Kong’s best and most fun Mexican restaurants is right in the heart of nightlife thoroughfare Lan Kwai Fong, but you will never find it if you don’t know where to look. Squeeze past the man selling fake handbags and walk down a decidedly dodgy looking alley and you will be rewarded with fabulous Mexican street food, and a convivial party atmosphere thanks to the thumping tunes of the in-house DJs.

20 D’Aguilar Street



Image courtesy of Hong Kong

Another hidden hotspot on a popular drinking street, Stockton is just round the corner from Lan Kwai Fong, on Wyndham Street. Up a dark alley and stairwell, the door opens into a dimly lit bar with antique furnishings and a distinctly 1890s London feel. Find yourself a cosy private corner and order up a rum or whisky-based cocktail and congratulate yourself on joining the cool crowd.

32 Wyndham Street

Le Boudoir

le boudiour_web1

Image courtesy of HK Magazine

Further up the road, basement bar Le Boudoir brings a little sultry European opulence to Hong Kong. Descend down four flights of stairs off Wyndham Street and walk straight into Belle Époque, with its crystal chandeliers, velvet brocade and gilt-framed portraits. Sink into a sofa and choose from over 30 cocktails on their menu.

65 Wyndham Street

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