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Hangry cures! Simple homemade snacks to bring on the road


Karen Chan
 Guest Blogger


We’ve all experienced it. You’re sitting in the airport lounge, and suddenly the dreaded announcement appears: your flight has been delayed for three hours. You’re already cranky, and now you’re starting to feel hungry.

Before you succumb to overpriced airport food, there’s another option you can consider – delicious and healthy homemade snacks. They take minutes to prepare, easy to pack, and taste much better than the processed and semi-heated food at airport canteens. Here’s a round-up of our favorites – stick them in your bag for your next trip, and you won’t have to suffer through hunger pangs again!

Savory Banana Chips

What you’ll need:

2 large under-ripe bananas, a splash of olive oil, sea salt and ground black pepper

How to do it:

Bananas are great for an instant energy boost, but they can be a hassle to carry around. For this recipe, simply slice 2 large bananas into thin slices, and then lay the slices out on a baking tray lined with a baking sheet and olive oil. Then, sprinkle the bananas with sea salt and ground pepper, and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 – 20 minutes.

Mix it up:

Sprinkle brown sugar on half of the banana slices instead of salt and pepper for an enticing sweet and savory mix!

Japanese Rolled Omelet

What you’ll need:

3 large eggs, 4 tablespoons dashi (Japanese stock), 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, a pinch of salt

How to do it:

Eggs make a filling snack, and Japanese rolled omelets have the advantage of being easy to pack into boxes. They are usually made in special rectangular frying pans, but you can use a regular non-stick frying pan too.

In one bowl, gently mix the eggs but do not overbeat them. Combine the rest of the seasonings in another bowl, and then whisk both mixtures together. If you’re feeling fancy, strain the mixture through a sieve for a finer texture, or just pour a thin layer of the mixture directly onto the frying pan. Wait until it solidifies, and then roll it up to form a thin roll. Continue the process until all of the eggs are gone – you’ll end up with a fluffy egg roll!

Mason Jar Salad


What you’ll need:

Your favorite salad greens and dressing, a mason jar

How to do it:

Mason jar salads are all the rage right now, but they’re so convenient that you shouldn’t feel any shame in hopping onto the bandwagon! It goes without saying that plastic mason jars are much safer than glass ones – you can find them in most home ware stores around Hong Kong.

The trick of making a good mason jar salad is in the layering. Remember to start with your dressing at the bottom – this will prevent your salad from getting soggy. Then, add the heartier vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes or bell peppers. Follow with your grains or beans, then your salad greens, and finish off with your proteins (cheeses, chicken, eggs) on the top.



Karen Chan is a local English copywriter who churns out social posts and taglines for a living. Inspired by her fellow copywriter, she has discovered the joy of working out, and is currently on a quest to live as healthily as her sweet tooth allows. In her spare time, she also loves trying new cafés and restaurants around the city.