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Guide to Halloween in Hong Kong

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Believe it or not, Halloween isn’t just for kids! Hong Kong brews up a SPOOKtacular Halloween vibe with a range of events and activities to join. Whether you’re with kids or just a wanting a good BOO – we’ve got a list of great options:

Each event is rated with a BOO scare.

BOO – Family friendly
BOOO – You might jolt but it’s not that bad
BOOOOCaution: those with symptoms of heart problems and paranoia please avoid.


Rating: BOO
Disney’s Haunted Halloween – and it’s still the happiest place on earth. During the month of October, Disneyland Hong Kong transforms itself into a land of pumpkins, trick-or-treaters and spooky ghosts! Decked out with cobwebs and eerie trees, you’ll wander through a haunted journey greeted by deceased Miners and Cowboys rising from their graves or spirits who have escaped from the mystical manor house.

Although spooky, it’s still family-friendly (trust me, I went last year and the kids were braver than I was).



Rating: BOOO
Let me just be clear here – ADULTS ONLY. Not only is Halloween a time for fun trick or treats – it’s a time of creativity and a NO-JUDGING pass for those to wear and be whoever they want. If you’re not into the whole drinking and seeing promiscuous Power Rangers scene, then better avoid LKF. But if that’s your thing – here are a few tips:

  1. Get in at 9:00 p.m. Be mindful that they turn LKF into a one way street – and once you make a wrong turn, there’s no going back. If you get in around dinnertime and stay there, you can avoid the long and I mean LONG queue of trying to get in.
  2. Book a place beforehand. It doesn’t have to be a table at a club – get yourself a table at a small bar so you can avoid the unnecessary hassle.
  3. Don’t think about taking a taxi at 4 a.m. UBERs might be a little too expensive but I’ve waited 2 hours in line for a taxi. Either walk to Sheung Wan or away from Central for a cab or get yourself an UBER.
  4. Bring a phone charger. You’ll get lost and you’ll run out of battery because you’ll take way too many photos!
    HALLOWEEN Private Party – anywhere from BOO to BOOOO

Spook it yourself! Rather than heading out to LKF or booking a restaurant, you can always rent a venue space out, call catering, and deck it the way you want! This way, you can avoid the crowds, avoidable costs and transportation mishaps.


Rating: BOOOO
This one is a personal favourite. Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest has always been a must-go for scare-enthusiasts. With more than 5 haunted houses, each one uniquely themed and equipped with its own special cast of actors and actresses! If the haunted houses are a bit too much, then stay out on the streets! From parades and dances to ghost performers and live acts – there’s plenty of frightening shows to watch. This year’s theme is Walking Dead – the ultimate zombie galore!

Tips if you’re going to Ocean Park Halloween Fest:

  1. BUY THE FAST PASS. Trust me, the cheap tickets and the long lines are not worth it (1-2 hour wait per house). You want to make sure you go to every haunted house to make the most of out of your night!
  2. Ocean Park will have a special haunted house that calls for special reservations. Last year was reaching into an unknown box and feeling its content (e.g. cockroaches, worms, maggots) and this year it’s being tied down in a coffin. If that’s your thing, then I suggest you make a move and reserve now! SEE MORE
  3. Don’t think the shows are just for kids – make sure you manage your time wisely so you catch the parades as well as the haunted houses.


Now, get yourself some cough drops and get ready for a night of screaming.


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