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Chef 7-Eleven’s Delectable Eats

KarenChanKaren Chan
 Guest Blogger

Chef 7-Eleven’s delectable eats


Thanks to Love in a Puff, the spaghetti Bolognese from 7-Eleven has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity.


So you’re near the end of your paycheck and trying to skimp on food. Or maybe it’s nearly midnight and you have a sudden and very specific craving for curry fishballs. Or perhaps you’re just hungry and looking for a quick bite.

Whatever the occasion, your local 7-Eleven actually has an extensive of quick eats to satisfy your hunger pangs. It might not be very nutritious or fresh or even that good, but sometimes there are fishball-shaped holes in your stomach that only a trip to 7-Eleven can fix. Don’t worry, we get you.

*Note: Not all counters, such as the Daily Café coffee bar or the Hot Shot snack counter, are available in every 7-Eleven. Items from these counters are marked with asterisks (*).




Rice Noodle Rolls/ Cheung Fun* (腸粉)

What’s more satisfying on a cold winter morning than a bowl of steaming rice noodle rolls, liberally topped with soy sauce, sweet sauce, peanut butter and a dash of sesame oil? While 7-Eleven’s rice noodle rolls might not be as soft and chewy as those served in Chinese restaurants, they’re a pretty decent substitute.



Deli Fresh is a line of 7-Eleven juices made locally in Hong Kong. The banana strawberry smoothie is not too sweet, and perfect for the days when you’re in a hurry.




Eateast Lunchboxes (波仔飯)

Ahhh, Eateast Lunchboxes. Filling, flavorsome and most importantly, cheap – no wonder they have always been the savior for penniless students and hassled mums. With a mind-boggling range of popular local dishes – from curry beef brisket to pork chop fried instant noodles – these are the perfect cure for any hangry moodiness.


Chicken steamed rice in 6 minutes? Yes, please.


7-Signature Sandwiches

Feeling virtuous today and going for a healthier lunch option? With choices such as chicken and celery on rye or tuna and egg salad, 7-Signature sandwiches are surprisingly wholesome for convenient store food. Grab a cup of Daily Café coffee*, and you’re fueled for the rest of the afternoon.


Convenience store food isn’t necessarily unhealthy!




7-Signature Spaghetti Bolognese

This spaghetti deserves a special mention, simply because it was advertising-executive-cum-dreamy-hipster Jimmy’s (played by Shawn Yue) guilty pleasure in Love in a Puff. In the real world, this bright red spaghetti has far too much salt and far too little beef, but hey, that’s the price to pay for being a hipster.


Drinks & Snacks



Garish neon colors. Syrupy sweet flavors. Brain freeze. Sugar overload. We think that’s enough said.


What’s more perfect than a Slurpee on a hot day?


Satay stir-fried instant noodles*

Only available at Hot Shot counters and a mini meal in itself, the noodles are cooked to rubbery perfection and mixed with sesame oil and satay sauce. No Hong Kong high-school experience was ever complete without them.




Karen Chan is a local English copywriter who churns out social posts and taglines for a living. Inspired by her fellow copywriter, she has discovered the joy of working out, and is currently on a quest to live as healthily as her sweet tooth allows. In her spare time, she also loves trying new cafés and restaurants around the city.