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5 Ways to Survive Airport Delays


Alex Webb

Guest Blogger



One of the worst parts of travel is the dreaded airline delay. Geared up and ready to fly, you are now reduced to sitting in a chair for hours—unless you can find a solution. But there’s only one thing better than one solution, and that, is five solutions. Here they are, in all their glory:


  1. Arrive Early

The best defense is a good offense, and that’s true with delays. Arrive early for your best shot at rebooking or getting the last seats on packed fights out.


  1. Reroute

Especially if bad weather like a monsoon or snowstorm is the reason for the delay, get out while you still can. A reroute hours away from your original destination will still get you there a lot faster than waiting two days for the winds to calm down.



  1. Relax

Sometimes delays are inevitable, and you just need to find the nearest place to plug in your iPhone and load up a game. If alcohol is your ticket to relaxation, search for the nearest bar—you never know what types of interesting people you’ll meet in an airport bar.


  1. Stopovers

Sometimes delays can be your best friend. Long stopovers or unexpected delays are a good chance to see a new city. If you’re flying from Hong Kong to Melbourne through Singapore, be sure to get a 10-hour stopover to see the city—instead of a rushed, 30-minute connection you might not even make.


  1. Get compensated

Most airlines will offer you some sort of compensation if you are delayed for a long time. If you’re travelling to or from Europe, it’s the law. Use the Air Passenger Rights Complaint Form to ensure you get what you deserve.


With these tips you’ll survive the delay and be on your way soon!


AlexanderWebbAlex Webb is a traveller who has visited over 30 countries and lived in Hong Kong, Japan, China, South Korea, and the United States. He has written for National Geographic Books and co-authored a book published by the Financial Times Press. When he’s not travelling or writing, he enjoys playing guitar and writing songs. Follow him on instagram at @alxndrwbb


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