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5 Hilarious Hong Kong Laws

Sarah Richard
Sarah Richard – World Wanderer

REALLY Hong Kong?? Are these REALLY necessary? Worth a laugh I guess.


1. ‘Lets go to the beach, beach’

But don’t sing it while you’re actually sitting there. ‘Singing without permission’ on the beach can lead to two weeks in prison or a fine.But fear not, all you budding Britneys and Biebers – as long as you write a nice polite notice informing HK you will be indulging in a bit of Niki Minaj sing-a-long then you can indeed ‘go get a wave and WHAT they gonna say’

2. ‘If you spill that coffee you’re buying me a new dress’

We take our fashion here so seriously that It’s now an actually offense to ‘soil the dress, clothing or personal effects’ of anyone in the Ngong Ping Cable Car. But if you need a new dress at least you know to sit next to the guy with the coffee.

3. ‘Get off your horse’

You know all those horses you see having a jolly good time around Hong Kong? (No, me neither) Well if their owner seems to have had a few too many glasses of the latest French wine and decides to ride to Marks & Spencer for a side of Brie he could be faced with a $250 fine en route. In other words it is illegal to have a drink and ride your horse. Glad that law has been implemented in Hong Kong. Really useful one that.

4. ‘Oh for F$*£k sake’

But don’t say that in Ocean Park. And you can’t wear your roller skates there either! (dramatically tears tickets into shreds) Ocean Parks bylaws state you can’t ‘use obscene language’ ‘shout’ ‘fly a kite’ or ‘ride or move on any device or shoe fitted with wheels’ in the park. Wheres the fun in that?

5. ‘Do you have a license for that dog?’

As if the ‘who has the most expensive dog’ trend in Hong Kong wasn’t ridiculous enough you now have to have valid paperwork to go with your pooch. According to the Rabies Regulation, Cap. 421A dog owners must apply for a dog license for any furry friend over the age of 5 months old to avoid a $10k fine.



Sarah Richard

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