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Ovolo Southside


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Kömune, Brings People Together.

The ultimate Wong Chuk Hang-out – A slice of laidback life where you can satisfy all your cravings indoors or alfresco.

A refreshing dining concept that brings the community together, Kömune is a precinct unlike any other in Hong Kong – a communal space both indoors and out with bursts of colour to bring people over Mediterranean vegetarian flavours, scrumptious gluten-free pizzas, carefully curated wines and cocktails, all accompanied by soul-touching tunes.


Kömune brings to life drinks & food, offering a variety of high-quality products sourced from across the globe to surprise and inspire your tastebuds with a Mediterranean vegetarian experience like no other.

With the best gluten-free pizzas in town and a wide range of Mediterranean delicacies, Kömune serves its’ purpose of bringing people together over delicious vegetarian food.


Enjoy a curated selection of modern European wines and contemporary takes on classic cocktails to accompany flavourful dishes and keep the conversations flowing.

Looking for a place to kickstart your week or wind down? Join us for Happy Hour every day from 3 to 7 pm!

Executive Chef
Raul Tronco Calahorra

Drawing from his Spanish heritage, Executive Chef Raul Tronco curated the Kömune menu with the purpose of bringing communities back together over delicious, heartfelt vegetarian feasts.

His combined expertise of working in Michelin-starred establishments and reimagining the vegetarian flavours of India at VEDA has lead to a unique artistic take on recipes of Kömune.

This sincere expression of respect for the Earth and everything that comes from it results in a Mediterranean dining experience like no other.

Komune Spaces

At Komune, you could be excused for thinking you were in a location sitting by the Mediterranean Sea with a view of the lush green surroundings from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay and the South China Sea.

ABOVE by Kömune is the first truly elevated rooftop bar 23 floors high on the city’s southside, which has been reinvented as a modern day-to-night venue. It is the perfect event space with flexible interior décor to suit any need and a terrace boasting uninhibited views. ABOVE is the ultimate event space for business meetings, inspiring brainstorming sessions, private celebrations and parties, and of course exclusive pop-up experiences.

The Kömune Lounge is the ideal space for you to enjoy pre-dinner drinks, business meetings from lecture style to a boardroom, a game of pool, or if you simply want to hide away in our game’s booth. With its retro furnishing and contemporary art, it is the perfect area for you to escape.


Seeking an event space oozing with character?

Kömune has a wide range of flexible, stylish spaces to suit anything from a formal business event to the craziest party! With connected events areas, Ovolo Southside is a perfect destination for lively events of all scales. Good times are guaranteed with the signature perks, bespoke catering and beverage packages, which are always ready for your next unforgettable event.


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Daily, 8 am – 8 pm


Ovolo Southside,
64 Wong Chuk Hang Rd

+852 3460 8157