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Ovolo South Yarra


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Stay at Ovolo South Yarra

Taking interior cues from the days of disco, rock gods and retro glamour, the vibe of Ovolo South Yarra is bold, creative and unpredictable. All mods. Zero cons. Each room infuses retro-plush, with accents of chrome, pop graphics and vibrant colour.

Go Go

Ideal for those on the Go Go – these compact quarters are filled with groovy little extras. Lavishly fitted,...

Go Go City

For those who enjoy life’s small pleasures, make your stay memorable while watching the city light up, the room...


If you feel like dancing – blame it on the Boogie. These cosy, clever and seriously stylish small rooms...

Boogie City

Don’t blame it on the Sunshine, the Moonlight or the City Skyline… The Boogie City rooms will give you...


Designed with a sense of vintage and classy for those who want to relive the golden era of Studio...

Groovy City

Glam & funky rooms for those who love everything retro. Taking interior cues from the days of rock gods...

Groovy Twin

Perfect for partners who Hustle, needing a little more room to move and groove.

Groovy Suite

Glam and funky rooms for those who love everything retro and dream about the glory days of Studio 54.

Rock Star Suites

Dedicated to the golden era’s most iconic lyrical lovers, that redefined celebrity and pushed the boundaries of creativity, style...