Boutique Hotel

Ovolo South Yarra


1 night

Partners in Crime.

Ovolo is host to some of the world’s most loved designer hotels – everywhere from the 24/7 bustle of Hong Kong to the chic laneways of inner city Melbourne. While they’re all part of the Ovolo family, each still retains its own unique personality and style, inspired by the local surrounds, culture and heritage – and we couldn’t have done it alone.

Ovolo have collaborated with experts in the industry to create the experience that is Ovolo South Yarra.

A place where retro chic and pop art collide, the hotel is home to 123 rooms, Lona Misa Bar & Eatery with surprise and delights at every turn. To transport every guest to the days of disco, emulate the rock gods and retro glamour, we needed an entire backstage posse to capture a vibe that is bold, creative and unpredictable. Designed with long-term collaborators of the designer hotel group, and new ones, specifically sought out to support Melbourne businesses on the ground.

Here’s a page dedicated to those who helped Ovolo South Yarra become the experience you staycay, playcay and vacay today.

Ovolo Hotels began in 2010. While we were pretty small back then with just the one site in Hong Kong, it’s fair to say we’ve always had big ideas and even bigger ambitions. Over the years we’ve grown exponentially, both in size and confidence. But our attitude towards our guests and our passion for what Ovolo stands for remains as strong as ever. We’ve never been afraid to be ourselves, to zig when the others zag, to be creative and spontaneous, and to stand out from the crowd. It’s what we’re famous for. It’s what we love. These days it sees us run some of the world’s most talked about and ‘Instagramable’ hotels – we’re still as brave as ever, and we have zero intention of slowing down.