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United We Mo!

united we mo

From June 17-19, we celebrated Father’s Day in Hong Kong by partnering with Movember to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. Veda and Te Quiero Mucho offered a limited-time exclusive Movember menu, featuring new items where a portion of the proceeds were donated to our partner. 

In Veda, we offered a Shiso Leaf Tempura Chaat, which is a crunchy shiso leaf tempura topped with tamarind, yoghurt chutney, pomegranate, and crispy sev noodles. A popular choice especially during happy hours as it made for a light snack that pairs well with any drink. We also created a new cocktail, Tea Punch, which is a light and refreshing rum based drink that’s served with a puer tea popsicle. The popsicle can be eaten on its own or used as a makeshift ice cube in the drink, where the flavour profile of the cocktail changes as the popsicle melts. 

A plate of food and a glass of juice on a table

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Shiso Leaf Tempura Chaat with a Tea Punch cocktail 

In Te Quiero Mucho, we offered a Ceviche Tostada, which includes red snapper ceviche, fresh cucumber, red onion, serrano chilli, red radish, lime, and salsa botanera on a crispy tortilla. They also had a Homemade Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, which is 18 hour slow-cooked dulce de leche and served with strawberries and amaranth. Customers could pair these new dishes with the Nuestro Amado Padre, loosely translated as our loving father. This drink is a twist on our classic margarita recipe, showcasing stronger citrus flavours and with a hint of rose syrup. 

A plate of food and a glass of water on a table

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Ceviche Tostada, Dulce de Leche ice cream and Nuestro Amado Padre 

In addition to this menu, customers also got a chance to make additional donations on top of their bill if they wished to support the cause. If you also wish to help grow that mo and support Movember, then just click here