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Mind, body & soul: top 5 tips on how to kickstart your 2023 well-being goals

Mind, body & soul: top 5 tips on how to kickstart your 2023 well-being goals

So 2022 is officially behind us, and after fabulous celebrations ringing in the New Year it’s natural for us to start thinking about the 12 months ahead.

For most of us, we have individual goals and achievements we want to accomplish throughout 2023. But there’s one important area of our lives we should all be prioritising – general wellbeing.

Whether it’s smashing personal fitness, switching up your eating habits, or focusing on being *zen*, we’ve rounded up 5 tips on how you can kickstart your wellbeing goals.

1. Walk This Way.

A “New year, new me” mentality often starts with a big focus on fitness and working out more; which can often be overwhelming and going from zero to one hundred can be hard to sustain.

Instead, why not start by upping day-to-day fitness, and focus on the good, classic humble walk? Jump off the bus one stop early; walk around your local park; or listen to your favourite podcast while out for a short walk.

It’s an easy way to begin building on your new 2023 fitness regime!

2. Get Passionate.

While it’s good to set achievement goals when it comes to work, relationships and general life ambitions, it’s also important for our wellbeing to focus on goals that we’re passionate about.

What excites you? What interests you? What is going to challenge you this year?

2023 should be the year to try something new, or build on an existing passion. It’ll help spark joy for your soul this year!

3. Stay connected, even for just 8-minutes!

New year’s resolutions are often self-reflective, focusing on our own individual ambitions. But a great way to boost your general wellbeing is to build, maintain or even revisit relationships.

From spending more intimate face-to-face time with friends, family and lovers, to just simply “checking in” more with important people in your life, you’ll feel great by staying more connected with loved ones.

In fact, the New York Times recently suggested the trend of the “eight-minute phone call” as part of their 7-Day exercise challenge. Why eight minutes? It’s long enough to give you time to connect, but quick enough that it won’t overwhelm your schedule. Love it!

4. Sleep.Deep. & Stay.Well.

Last year, we partnered with The Body Shop and sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo to highlight the importance of a good sleep on our body and mental health, and we’re taking Olivia’s guidance into our 2023 goals for better wellbeing.

Taking more time to switch off from our electronic devices and resetting your sleep environment were key to improving sleep health. Speaking on the value of a good night’s sleep, Olivia said: “Sleep is so important for our bodies; it helps us stay mentally and physically fit, can help reduce anxiety and depression and can help maintain healthy skin.”

A relaxing sleep Staycay at Ovolo, anyone?

5. Eat Good = Feel Good.

Most of us are foodies, so new year change of eating habits can be tricky to uphold. But we don’t think there’s a need for dieting or cutting out your favourite dishes this year; all you need to do is eat good to feel good!

That’s why, across all Ovolo Hotels’ restaurants and bars (excluding By Ovolo Collective Hotels) we now serve up bold, locally-sourced and utterly irresistible plant-based menus. Our menus have been passionately crafted for vegetarians, normally-not-veggie-but-sometimes-flexitarians and vegans. So get ready to charge up your taste buds with salivating vegetarian cuisine – that packs a punch.

Find out how you can experience clean eating, and feel your soul at one of our restaurants here: