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In Bed with Designers Series: Tree-Labs

Next month, buyMeDesign will play host to the 5th edition of In bed With Designers from 4 – 6 December at Ovolo Southside. In the run up to the event, The Silver Egg is profiling some of the talented designers and artist showcasing their wares at the event. Check out this week’s profile below:

Alexis-CorvalAlexis Corval is the founder of Tree-Labsa Swiss company catering to audiophiles with an eye for style and design. Alexis and his team are not focused on one specific design style, but draw inspiration from different genres and try to marry each creation to a soundscape that fits. Tree-Labs want their customers to feel the music in such a way that they want to dance and sing to it.

At our upcoming design event, In bed With Designers Hong Kong, Alexis will reveal Tree-Labs’ latest design: a portable speaker featuring artwork by tattoo artists from Hong Kong.  We caught up with Alexis to get to know more about his company’s newfangled designs.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s In bed With Designers?

We are participating in this year’s event because we are new to the Hong Kong market, and In bed With Designers offers us the ability to target design-conscious companies and customers. What sets the event apart for us is that it gives Tree-Labs the opportunity to show that we offer something more than most electronics and audio companies out there.

Could you tell us a bit more about the design you have submitted for the Spot Design Award?

tree-labs-tattoo-temple Image 1

ASTRO speaker

We will present our ASTRO speaker, which we designed in collaboration with Tattoo Temple. We are really excited about this project, because it combines great design with equally great audio quality. ASTRO is a minimalist speaker with a silicon and aluminum cover; it is the perfect blank canvas for the artworks of the world-renowned Tattoo Temple artists from Hong Kong. Following our USA Kickstarter campaign six artwork designs all specially made by Tattoo Temple for the release of the Astro speakers.

What other designs will you be bringing to Hong Kong?

We will be bringing our Toaster Speaker and DOT speaker which we developed under our W brand.

What makes your creations different and unique?

We mix technology, audio and design in our creations. We try to come up with different designs that best reflect the sound quality. Each creation is a project in itself with a different visual and audio environment so that each stands on its own. Furthermore, we really know audio. Most designers trying heir hand on making audio products have no real audio know-how, as knowledge in this field is not something you can pick up in a year or two – it takes decades! This knowledge really makes all the difference.

tree-labs-tattoo-temple Image 2

Toaster Speaker

What do you think Hongkongers will love most about your designs?

I hope Hongkongers will love the simple, minimalist approach we took to ASTRO’s design, its small size and great sound. I especially hope that they will appreciate the artworks made by tattoo artists from their hometown.

What are your dreams for your brand?

My dream is to be recognized as a great design and audio house.

tree-labs-tattoo-temple Image 3

For more information and updates about In bed With Designers Hong Kong ( 4 – 6 December 2015 @ Ovolo Southside Hotel) please visit, our Facebook page and the In bed With Designers Event page | #IbWD

Across the weekend of 4 – 6 December, creative minds behind cutting-edge home décor, eye-catching fashion designs,   great gifts and gadgets will take over the Ovolo Southside Hotel creating a wonderland of design just ready for everyone to explore for free. Curated by buyMeDesign, In bed With Designers “O!” is a great chance to discover and buy new designs and to meet, chat, and even get into bed with designers!