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There’s more to Elsa Pataky than being Mrs Chris Hemsworth

Elsa Pataky wife of Chris Hemsworth stayed at Ovolo Woolloomooloo during Fashion Week and during this time proved that the Aussie-ness of her husband, Chris Hemsworth, one of the nation’s most famous acting exports, has indeed rubbed off on her. That, and the fact that she’s been based, with her family, in Byron Bay for the past few years, and we’re almost ready to claim Pataky as a dinky-di Aussie of our own.

So how well does the Spanish actress know her adopted homeland? Well, the team at Vogue quizzed her at the Ovolo hotel in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo just before she attended the Camilla & Marc show at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week. She knows her food and our leaders (even though she’s not that into politics) and has a handle on our (sometimes questionable) fashion. She’s mostly up with the lingo (Chris, if you’re reading this, we’re the ones that taught her about woop woop!) and loves our native animals.

Where can she improve on her Australian knowledge? You’ll have to watch the full video, below, to find out.