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The Number 1 Beach Destination in Hong Kong

Do you want to stay all day in a long stretch of a bay with beaches that are almost too pretty to swim in? In a place surrounded by trees that all make up a great scenic view. Plus, the ground is covered with soft and refined white sand and you can’t help but bury your bare feet in—check out Repulse Bay, Hong Kong.

Repulse Bay belongs to the top destinations in the southern part of Hong Kong. It is also one of the most luxurious tourist spots and the most famous among all of Hong Kong beaches. 

Today, we will give you a quick guide on Repulse Bay Beach so you can get the most out of your Hong Kong trip. 

So, here we go!  

Why is Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Called Repulse Bay?

‘Repulse’ by definition means to drive back or attack by force. How come a lovely and calm bay is named after such an aggressive term? 

Answer: Back in 1841, the bay was taken over by pirates and they lived there. It is a perfect spot where they can easily steal things from ships passing by. 

Now, to protect the ships from being hijacked, the British Fleet attacked or repulsed the pirates and their base in the bay.  

The British Fleet won and the name stuck—that is why Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, is called Repulse Bay! 

Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay Hong Kong Hotel

Repulse Bay Hong Kong Hotel

Ovolo Hotels, the award-winning luxury boutique design hotels, have the best accommodation in the southside of Hong Kong & It will only take you 15 minutes to drive a short 5.5 KM distance between Ovolo Southside and Repulse Bay Beach. 

The best thing is that Ovolo Southside offers heaps of awesome perks and deals such as the lowest rate if you book on the website, FREE breakfast and social hour, VIP offer if you’re bringing your pooch with you, and theme park packages! So, don’t forget to book online.

Repulse Bay Restaurants 

The best places to stay and dine near Repulse Bay are also located at Ovolo Hotel Southside! Komune features a colourful outdoor space that is open for you all day. Plus, don’t you dare miss their punchy signature cocktails! 

Now, if you want to enjoy the view of the Hong Kong southern coastline, we urge you to dine at ABOVE, the most renowned elevated rooftop bar close to Repulse Bay Beach. 

Experience this modern day-to-night venue that is perfect for any event whether it’s a business meeting, a celebration, or just an ordinary time to relax in a terrace with clever interiors that allow you to enjoy the view of Repulse Bay Beach. 

Repulse Bay Restaurants

Friendly reminder: Hong Kong bus drivers are not accustomed to giving change so make sure to sue the Octopus Card for the bus or just prepare a small amount enough to pay for your bus ride. 

How To Get To Repulse Bay Beach 

Getting to Repulse Bay from Ovolo Southside is easy peasy—you can hop on a bus or get a cab to get to the Bay, the distance between the Ovolo Hotel and Repulse Bay is only 5.5 KM so it will only take you about 15 minutes to arrive at the Bay. 

However, if you come further from the Southside, take the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to get to Central Hong Kong or the HK MTR stations. 

If you take the Central MTR station, leave through Exit A… but if you take HK MTR station, leave through Exit D.

From either exit, walk to the Exchange Square Bus Terminus… and from there, you can hop on a bus. Take note of these bus numbers that have the Repulse Bay Road route: No. 6, 6A, 6X, and 260.

Other Fun Things to Do or Visit Near Repulse Bay, Hong Kong 

There are heaps of attractions close to Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, that will make your stay worthwhile such as the following:

  • Having fun at the Ocean Park 
  • Enjoying art at Repulse Bay Visual Art Museum 
  • Shopping at The Pulse
  • Riding the Citybus 
  • Visiting the Tin Hau Temple 
  • Cooking with Hong Kong locals
  • Joining food and tasting tours
  • Taking advantage of Hong Kong free tours 
  • Getting on boat tours 
  • Visiting the Happy Valley Racecourse 
  • Relaxing at MingCha Tea House 
  • Visiting Tai Sin Temple 
  • Seeing different bird species in Edward Youde Aviary 
  • Walking along Hong Kong Park 
  • And many more!
Hong Kong Ocean Park near Repulse Bay
Hong Kong Ocean Park

Ready to bask in the sun along Repulse Bay, Hong Kong? How about seizing every experience the southside of HK has to offer? Make sure to reserve the best accommodation there is—book your room online NOW and get surprising offers! 

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