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The Collectors Series: Art Central

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Hannah Leung

SCAD Hong Kong – Art Central Hong Kong, opening day – Photography by Yick Kin Wa, courtesy of SCAD

SCAD Hong Kong – Art Central Hong Kong, opening day – Photography by Yick Kin Wa, courtesy of SCAD


Now in its second annual edition, Art Central features an impressive collection of 100 galleries from 20 countries around the world staged at Hong Kong’s scenic Central Harbourfront. What’s more exciting? Seventy-Five-percent of the galleries this year hail from greater Asia! This year also features new media, digital and performance art at the MEDIA X MUMM exhibition.

In addition to the art, Art Central offers visitors a fun break via food, hosting pop-up Belon, the latest from Black Sheep Restaurant group and street food from Beef & Liberty, Brickhouse and Tri. ‘Cause let’s be honest the food is just as important as the art ;-)

Silver Egg Picks

Artist Movana Chen, hosted by Ovolo Group.

Location: Booth: F20


Ovolo Group, official hotel sponsor of Art Central, is proud to host Hong Kong-based artist Movana Chen, who will present her latest project ‘Floating Identity.’ This installation is made of a hundred of Ovolo’s shiny eggs, interweaved with shredded travel maps made mostly of the three locations Ovolo has properties, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney.

The Collosseum, 2016, multimedia performance.

Location: CHRISTINE PARK GALLERY, London, Booth R4  

The Collosseum_Ting Tong

Check out this live performance by Taiwanese Ting-Tong Chang, who creates large-scale installations that ask questions about the relationship between science, technology and society. The Colosseum; an installation that evolves over the six-day event. Chang is blindfolded and kept in the same space for around 8 hours a day, where he will draw a panorama of his surroundings based on imagery provided to him by another artist.

Nonotak Studio, Daydream V.3, 2014, audiovisual installation.

Location: Bluerider ART, Taipei, Booth F2 


NONOTAK studio is the collaboration between the illustrator Noemi Schipfer and the architect musician Takami Nakamoto. The audiovisual installation DAYDREAM draws a physical connection between virtual and real. Expect to be surrounded by superimposed translucent screens, creating an immersive environment.

When: March 23-36, exclusive First Night on March 21.

Where: Central Harbourfront

Tickets: HK$500 (limited) for the First Night and HK$230 for two general admission tickets. Special 50% off tickets available through Ovolo!

Contact Ovolo today at for details.

Hannah Leung

Hannah Leung American-born and raised, Hannah Leung spent most of her life in New Jersey watching bad television. After four years of breathing in fresh, New England air during college, she moved to Beijing where she worked in PR and edited the Lifestyle section for a State-owned newspaper for four years. Having not purchased an air purifier the whole time, she moved to Hong Kong, where she continued writing (and gave her lungs a break).