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Ovolo The Valley


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The Valley Eat


Designed by the award-winning interior designer Luchetti Krelle, this restaurant features traditional Queensland architecture and exudes a casual but redefined leading vegetarian & vegan dining experience. Here you can experience a modern colonial vibe, celebrate ethical eating and conscious cuisine with our 100% vegetarian menu. The menu features a mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, combining traditional and New World spices.

Our drink menu is organic, plant-based, and inspired by the vibrant soul of the Tel Aviv bar scene. Our exclusive collection features colonial-inspired rums and bespoke cocktails mixed and infused with spices traded at Middle Eastern markets, Queensland’s seasonal citrus, and indigenous botanicals.


Kazba cocktail bar is a hidden spot that is worth discovering for any traveller in Brisbane. Here you can enjoy the lively and high-spirited atmosphere of Tel Aviv’s nightlife. This leading cocktail bar in QLD creates tantalizing late-night vegetarian eats using charcoal and woodfire.

Cocktails inspired by the boulevards of Tel Aviv using Middle Eastern cordials derived from the region’s produce, sodas, and unique produce for garnishes. All delivered in alluring vessels, large and small, sourced from the bazaars and markets near and far.