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Boutique Hotel

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The Happiest Place in Southeast Asia (Quick Guide)

Marvel at the happiest place on earth in Southeast Asia—Hong Kong Disneyland offers a whole new world for you and your family in a country with a subtropical climate, rich culture and best known as the shoppers’ paradise of the east! 

Also, keep those Hong Kong dollars coming because alongside experiencing the magic of HK Disneyland, you simply have to try Hong Kong’s delectable local food, experience local festivals, step into the street markets, visit the world-famous malls and see its splendid skylines, as well as take in the breathtaking harbour views! 

So, get packing. Adventure is out there.

Planning for a HK Disneyland Getaway this Holiday?

Here’s Your Quick Guide On: 

Now, before we answer your questions about the essentials listed above, let’s take a look at this first: 

Hong Kong Disneyland castle
Hong Kong Disneyland map

The Hong Kong Disneyland Map

Mate, THAT. IS. HUGE. 

So, to anyone asking if they can finish all the rides, experience all the amenities, enjoy all the attractions, and visit all the shops inside Hong Kong Disneyland in just ONE day—you can’t. 

We recommend you spend at least two days completing all the rides, watching the shows, checking out the stores, and meeting some of the best-loved Disney characters. 

You see, HK Disneyland currently occupies 27.5 hectares of its 68 hectares. So, if you want to make the most out of your stay in this magical place, spend at least two days and try visiting on weekdays. 

The Best Hotel Near Hong Kong Disneyland

Now, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel may sound like the “fairest of them all.” But if you bring friends and family with you, staying there could easily break the bank! Plus, your chance to explore the exciting local streets of Hong Kong would be limited by staying only in the park. It’s an amazing place, but you’ll want to experience more during your stay. 

For this reason, a boutique hotel near Hong Kong Disneyland is the best accommodation you can pick to make the most of your HK adventure. 


Platinum Room

The Ovolo Central

Returning to your homely and vibrant hotel room after a long day enjoying HK Disneyland is such a comforting experience. Nothing can beat it.

Passing by and taking in the local people and culture as you travel to and from the theme park gives you an authentic look at daily life in Hong Kong – and the best thing is that you’re on holiday to experience it.

So, for just a 25-minute (or less) journey to and from your hotel near Hong Kong Disneyland, you’ll experience so much more and will create memories you’ll never forget, and not only in HK Disneyland.

The Ovolo Perks

The Ovolo Central is not just a hotel, it’s truly your home away from home. You are also entitled to some great HK accommodation perks

Ovolo Hotels love to give freedom to our guests. So, here are some of your fantastic perks if you choose to stay at any Ovolo Hotel in Hong Kong: 

  • Book direct on the Ovolo Hotels website and get exclusive Perks! Like the following:
    • Hearty breakfast
    • Fast wi-fi 
    • Lovely social hour 
    • In-room mini-bar 
    • Self-service laundry 
    • 24-hour gym access
    • All-day snacks 
    • Free loot bag 
Ovolo Central - the best hotel near Hong Kong Disneyland
Radio Suite

How to Get to the Ovolo Central Hotel in Hong Kong 

To get to the Ovolo Central in Hong Kong, you have two options:

  1. Take a Red Taxi from the airport, depending on the traffic; the cost is usually at 380HKD (48.90USD or 73.19AUD or 37.73GBP)
  2. Take the Airport Express to Hong Kong station, then take a 10-15 minutes taxi ride. Now, if you take the train to Hong Kong station, the ticket usually costs about 100 HKD (12.87USD or 19.26AUD or 9.93GBP)

If you take a bus to Ovolo Central, it will cost you 40 HKD (5.15USD or 7.70AUD or 3.97GBP) per person. 

So, are you ready for your rides and adventure? Have fun exploring not only the magical streets of HK Disneyland, but also the lively streets of Central, Hong Kong! 

How Much are Disneyland Tickets in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong Disneyland tickets can cost as little as 639HKD (82.23USD or 123.10AUD or 63.45GBP) for a 1-day package that includes a snack item, a merchandise discount, and a 1-day ticket to the rides for one general admission aged 12-64 years old. 

On the other hand, child admission, aged 3-11 years old, can cost as little as 475HKD (61.13USD or 91.49AUD or 47.18GBP)

HK Disneyland theme park

Is Hong Kong Disneyland Open Every Day?

Yes, HK Disneyland in Lantau Island is open every day. Here are their daily operating hours: 

  • Monday 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:30 AM – 8:15 PM
  • Sunday 10:30 AM – 8:15 PM

A quick note: If you’re reading this from February 2020, please take note that the Hong Kong Disneyland is temporarily closed until further notice

Other Places to Enjoy Near Hong Kong Disneyland 

other places to enjoy near HK Disneyland - Peak Tram

Are you ready to learn more about Chinese culture and take great photo shots of the Hong Kong Man Mo Temple? Make sure that you got your accommodation covered by the best hotel in Hong Kong Central

HK Disneyland is a truly magical place, but you’ll also find a very special magic in the rich, buzzing and modern culture of Central, Hong Kong. 

So, make sure to book the best accommodation in Central, HK to explore more of what Hong Kong has to offer such as: 

So, what are you waiting for? Book the best hotel near Hong Kong Disneyland now 

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  • Continental Breakfast
  • Superspeed wi-fi
  • Social hour
  • In-room mini bar
  • Self-service laundry
  • Gym
  • All Day Sweets
  • Free Loot Bag