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Temple Street Night Market

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Hong Kong Temple Street Night Market Guide

Temple Street Night Market

Where Fortune-Tellers & Chinese Arts Come Together

Whether you are a fan of shopping or not, Temple Street Night Market is the place to visit!  This unusual market will give you the chance to feel the real Hong Kong vibe… and it’s on show nightly! 

Temple Street Night Market is one of the city’s top 10 attractions and as long as you arrive there, you will see and feel why.

Here is a little guide from us before your night-market adventure starts. 

What Makes Temple Street Night Market So Special?  

Although the market is active from 2 PM until midnight, the real fun begins when the sun goes down – at around 8 PM, the market is the liveliest and its atmosphere isn’t really something that can be described by words. 

You simply must go there and feel for yourself that strange yet perfect mix of fortune-tellers, clothes, Chinese opera troupes, even gamblers and much more.  

This popular street bazaar is located in the Jordan and Yau Ma Tei sections of Kowloon. It is named after the Tin Hau Temple that stands in its midst. 

The street night market is definitely not an ordinary shopping place, but it is a place where you will find anything that you are and aren’t looking for. For a full experience, you might want to get your fortune read or your portrait painted.

Temple Street Night Market
Street Night Market

How to Get to Temple Street Night Market?

Getting to the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong is pretty simple. The market is close to You Ma Tei station Exit C and Jordan Station Exit A.

For those who are coming from the latter, entry is through the temple getaway on Jordan Road and you will see the large red gates – the entrance to the market. 

There are also several bus stops nearby – you can board an A22 Airport Cityflyer bus outside the airport going towards Kowloon, then reach the Shanghai Street stop and walk towards the Temple Street. 

Best if you are staying in our hotel at Ovolo Central because you can easily get there on foot. In each case, take a look at the Temple Street Night Market map before your shopping night.

What to Buy in the Temple Street Night Market? 

We’ve already mentioned some of the things that you may consider when visiting the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong, but here is a list of things that you don’t want to miss out.

Accessories and Souvenirs 

This place is perfect for buying inexpensive Chinese souvenirs and accessories. Hair combs, bangles, bags, t-shirts… you name it! Besides that, you can find second-hand and antique items here too, as well as the always popular various leather goods with a range of styles.

Arts and Crafts

Unexpectedly, in this wonderful night market jungle, you can buy traditional Chinese arts and crafts for a very reasonable price. Even calligraphy, which is often pre-prepared and purchased. 

The huge quantity of oil paintings, carvings and prints can give you the impression of mass production, but they are all actually hand-made. 

Cantonese Opera 

The opera singers in this unusual market are its perfect mark. You can hear them any day other than Wednesday (which is a horse-racing day).

Those open-air performances will make you forget about the shopping for a while and give you a heartfelt experience. 

Temple Street Night Market Food

Local Chinese Cuisines  

Temple Street Night Market food is absolutely one of those things that you can’t afford to miss out in Hong Kong. There are plenty of street food stalls that are offering pizza and even Japanese dishes. 

But for the real taste of local Chinese cuisines – check great restaurants such as the famous Temple Street Spicy Crab.

Fortune Tellers

It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, but for an extra taste of Temple Street Night Market, you may want to have a small chat with a fortune teller. 

Although we don’t encourage any superstitious practices, for those who are curious – it can be fun. They are almost around every corner, offering their service (some of them in English) at such an affordable price.

Shopping tips at Temple Street Night Market

More Tips for Shopping at Temple Street Night Market 

Some call it ghetto heaven but it isn’t actually that wild if you come there well-prepared for the vibe of the Temple Street Night Market.

It’s the place to bargain and you should do it freely. That is absolutely the tip to start with and the most important one. Here are the other ones:  

  • Check several stands for prices before buying 
  • Think about guarantees and warranties 
  • Be aware that not all branded items are authentic 
  • Opera singers will expect a tip if you watched longer than a song or two.

Make the most of your Hong Kong experience! Stay in one of the best hotels in Hong Kong, have fun, enjoy the flavours, smells, and buzz around you… and take the good memories with you.

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