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Hong Kong Man Mo Temple

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Man Mo Temple

Hong Kong Man Mo Temple

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This smoky and magical temple was built to worship the God of Literature – Man and the God of War – Mo. And if you are really interested in getting closer to the tradition and culture of China, don’t forget to put Hong Kong Man Mo Temple on your travel map! 

Read Ovolo Hong Kong Hotels guide and learn more about this significant temple, its historical value and importance to the locals. 

About Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple was built in 1847 by Taoists during the colonial era to worship two of their gods that we mentioned: Man and Mo, one – God of Literature, and the other – God of War. 

Historically, there was a belief that those gods will bring good fortune and academic success to those who worship them.

When you enter the temple, you’ll see an array of altars and god images, statues of deities, and lucky animals. It’s all dressed in red and gold – Chinese lucky colours, as they say, for good fortune and happiness.

Hong Kong Man Mo Temple

Although there are several Man Mo Temples in Hong Kong, this one is the most popular and it’s also the oldest Chinese temple. Located at famous Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, it was given the prestigious title as a Grade I historic building. 

Through time, the temple wasn’t only used as a place of worship, but also as a place where Chinese and the colonialist were resolving their conflict during the time of concession. 

Nowadays, people are still coming here to pray for success in examination and academic performance, but what makes Man Mo Temple truly authentic is that it still looks untouched by time. Even though it has often been renovated, the original appearance is perfectly preserved.

Man Mo Temple Fortune Sticks

What to Expect in Hong Kong Man Mo Temple? 

The temple is a part of three adjacent blocks complex – Man Mo Temple, Lit Shing, and Kung So. Each of them is open to the public and free.

When you step inside the Man Mo Temple, be ready for breath-taking architecture! The mystical temple shows a typical example of traditional Chinese folk architecture decorated with granite and wood carvings, plasterwork and series of murals. 

Besides that, predicting the future is a big part of this place. There are fortune tellers around it, but a more interesting way to experience Man Mo Temple is to use the fortune stick instead. 

Chinese people believe that you should ask your question and shake the tube of sticks until one stick rises to the top. Then, you’ll see the number of the stick which meaning appears in the Man Mo Fortune Stick Prediction Book—that will be your answer.  

How to Reach Man Mo Temple?

Man Mo Temple opening hours are from 8 am to 6 pm and its address is at 124-126 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. There are two ways to reach the temple:

  1. The first one is with a Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus. It’s a popular option among travellers because it gives a wonderful 540-degree panoramic view of Hong Kong. If you take the bus from Star Ferry at Central, the temple will be the 5th station. Enjoy your ride!
  2. The second option is the Mass Transit Railway. Get on the MTR, go towards Central station and take D1 or D2 exit. Then you’ll have to walk towards the escalator and go to Hollywood Road. You are almost there!  
Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus to Man Mo Temple
Man Mo Temple Hong Kong

Tips for Visiting Man Mo Temple

Given that this temple has great historical and social significance to Hong Kong, there are some things that you should keep in mind while visiting: 


  • Be respectful 
  • Wear decent clothes 
  • Be quiet


  • No flash while taking photos 
  • No photos allowed at the “Kung Sor” 
  • No smoking

While there are tourists throughout the whole year, the best time to visit the Man Mo Temple is during the Chinese New Year, the 3rd day of the second lunar month (when it’s the birthday of the God of Literature) and, of course, as Chinese people believe, right before your exams. 

Places to Visit Nearby Hong Kong Man Mo Temple 

With example parTo make your trip to Hong Kong pleasantly unforgettable, stay in one of the best hotels in Hong Kong island. And while you are there and if you have enough time to explore, we suggest that you go and visit these great spots as well: 
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  • Zoological and Botanical Garden
  • Hong Kong Railway Museum 
  • Tai Po Market 
  • Hong Kong Cultural Center 
  • Victoria Peak
Hong Kong Cultural Center

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