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We have partnered up with some local gems to bring you some of the best experiences Hong Kong has to offer.

Hong Kong Space Museum

How Much Fun Can You Have?

Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant and heavily populated urban places in southeastern China – as a result, it has one of the skyscraper-studded skylines, great buildings, major shopping destinations, and must-visit museums. 

The Hong Kong Space Museum is one of the destinations you shouldn’t miss when coming to Hong Kong. 

We have listed 10 fun things you can do with your family & friends or by yourself when visiting this astronomy and space science museum

Here Are 10 Fun Things You Can Do in the Hong Kong Space Museum:

  • Hong Kong Space Museum Exhibition 
  • Astronomy Carnival
  • Astronomy Happy Hour – Lunar Observation
  • Astronomy Film Show 
  • Hong Kong Space Museum Starry Sky Tour 
  • The World Under Lens – From Stars to Microorganisms
  • Moon Landing Workshop
  • Lunar Lamp DIY
  • Astronomical Telescope Making
  • Hong Kong Space Museum Muse Fest

Make your trip in HK worthwhile – stay in one of the best hotels in Hong Kong, visit various free places in HK and experience new and exciting things, especially inside the Hong Kong Space Museum.

Hong Kong Space Museum

interactive exhibit in Hong Kong Space Museum

Hong Kong Space Museum Exhibition 

Enjoy yourself with the interactive exhibits in the Cosmic Hall and Space Exploration Hall – the two main exhibition halls inside the HK Space Museum. These two halls amount to a total of 1, 600 square metres. 

100 exhibits are normally set up in these halls which establish new information about space technology and astronomy through interesting and advanced materials, exciting and interactive exhibits, along with profound environmental layout and lighting effects.

If you want to indulge yourself in the majestic nature of the universe, there’s an underground Universal Exhibition Hall which shows the idea of exploring the universe from our solar system, then to the neighbouring stars, the entire Milky Way and several faraway galaxies. 

Astronomy Carnival

The Astronomical Carnival is part of the astronomical observation spearheaded by the Hong Kong Space Museum. 

You can enjoy the distinctive four-season starry sky in the Ho Hau Temple, through its state-of-the-art astrological projection system. Here, you will see close details of each of the planets in our solar system, especially their jaw-dropping surfaces. 

The best thing is, the Astronomy Carnival is FREE! So, go and take a tour through the stars and other celestial bodies! 

astronomical carnival in Hong Kong Space Museum

Lunar observation in Hong Kong Space Museum

Astronomy Happy Hour – Lunar Observation

The Lunar Observation Happy Hour lets you enjoy the moon through an awesome and advanced telescope. The Hong Kong Space Museum instructors will also explain the geographical features on the moon and even pinpoint the place where astronauts first landed on the moon. 

The Lunar Observation is commonly held at the HK Space Museum rooftop from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. However, these may change depending on weather conditions. 

Astronomy Film Show

If you’re bringing your family with you, especially the kids, the Astronomical Movies shown by the Hong Kong Space Museum are perfect for this trip. 

The film shows are held every Saturday between 3 PM and 5 PM at the lecture hall. The most popular shows are the “Moon Miracle” which showcases the Blood Moon, Super Moon, and the Moon Total Eclipse… and the “The Secret of the Birth of the Moon” which discusses the origin of the moon and how did the earth evolved to a planet. 

These shows are in Mandarin but they have English subtitles. 

Astronomical film show in Hong Kong Space Museum
Starry Sky Tour in Hong Kong Space Museum

Hong Kong Space Museum Starry Sky Tour 

This is one of the best family activities that can be done in Hong Kong Space Museum. This is an outdoor activity that includes visits through the space workshops in the museum, then to the telescope observatory and astronomical park in Lady MacLehose Resort. 

Take note that if the weather does not permit, the outdoor activities will be changed to indoor fun. 

The tour will start at 2 PM and will end at 10 PM. The fee is HK$120 per person as of July 2019. 

The World Under Lens – From Stars to Microorganisms

Do you marvel at the tiny microbes that make up our world as much as you do at the vast outer space? If yes, then this activity is for you! 

The World Under Lens activity allows you to view life in two different perspectives… or two different lenses for that matter – see the world of microorganisms under a microscope and scan the stars through a telescope!

This activity is normally held during Saturdays in the Observatory Nature Education Center & Planetarium in Tsuen Wan. The event starts at 6:30 PM and ends at 10:00 PM. The fee is HK$60 per person. 

Family activity in Hong Kong Space Museum

Moon Landing Workshop

Do you marvel at the tiny microbes that make up our world as much as you do at the vast outer space? If yes, then this activity is for you! 

The kids will surely love this! The Moon Landing Workshop commemorates the success of the human race upon making its first landing on the moon. So, the Hong Kong Space Museum offers a variety of short workshops, especially during the summer vacation. 

The workshop includes the Apollo Mission with the use of Lego components so a satellite model can be built while the participants are learning the fundamentals of space science.  

The workshops normally start in the afternoon, inside the Lecture Hall. 

Lunar Lamp DIY

This Lunar Lamp production is one of the workshops held at the space science museum. As you learn how to do a moon lamp, you will also learn the characteristics of the moon, especially its surface. So, you’ll come up with a lunar lamp that has that exact marks of the craters on the moon! 

If the weather permits, you can observe the moon through a state-of-the-art telescope as you create your moon lamp.

This DIY workshop costs HK$70.5 as of July 2019 and it is usually held during the weekend at the museum event room and rooftop. 

Moon landing workshop in Hong Kong Space Museum
Lunar Lamp DIY workshop in Hong Kong Space Museum
Astronomical Telescope Production in Hong Kong Space Museum
Hong Kong Space Museum facade

Astronomical Telescope Making

Telescope Making is one of the coolest Astronomical Courses in the space science museum in Hong Kong. 

If you’re staying longer in HK, this can be your opportunity to build your very own telescope! The course consists of 7 lectures and 8 internships. 

You will learn the fundamentals of the optical telescope, you will be able to test and navigate a reflective telescope, make and adjust an equatorial telescope especially the base and its accessories. 

At the end of the course, you will produce your 12cm in diameter telescope! 

The course costs HK$1, 269 per person as of July 2019. Also, you’re up for a 10% discount if you have gathered the museum admission cards, 50% discount if you’re a student, or if you’re a person with disability, or a senior citizen. 

Hong Kong Space Museum: Muse Fest

Every year, the Hong Kong Space Museum holds a Muse Fest wherein people feast on the history and new things that come with space science, along with space technology and other outer space discoveries. 

Oftentimes, the Muse Fest also unveils a new thing in the museum and heaps of other activities that space science lovers will enjoy! 

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