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The 15 Thoughts Everybody Has At Junk Season in Hong Kong

Sarah Richard
Sarah Richard – World Wanderer

It’s HERE! Junk season has arrived! That much anticipated hot, muggy, drunk, boat party season we have been wishing for, only to complain about it for the next 6 months until it makes its departure again. Love them or hate them there is no getting away from junk parties, you’ve already got a few Facebook invites, your best friends are organising one, you’re organising one, your boss is organising one, the whole of Hong Kong is organising one. So accept it, you’re going to spend most of your summer on a boat and here are 10 thoughts that we will all be having while trying to survive this season. Sun cream at the ready!


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$700? That’s a bit expensive isn’t it?


Ah, what the hell, I haven’t been invited to many others, I’ll send you the money now (as the FB invites start pouring in) it’s ages away anyway


Oh, it’s next week? Fu*ck, I was supposed to be giving up drinking. Maybe I’ll just have a few


Why didn’t I get summer body ready before? I shall only eat air for the next 7 days


(Morning of Junk) Shall I cancel? I only know a few people and this is way too early to be getting out of bed


I’m definitely cancelling, I look horrendous in my swimsuit. But dammit I already paid all that money


Fine, I’ll go, but I’m not going to drink too much and I’ll come home once it has finished


I don’t know any of these people, I guess I’ll just start drinking and see what happens


This is awkward, I’m making small talk and drinking beer at 10am, and I have to be on this boat for 8 hours.


Oh, well this is getting better, the sun is out and the music is pretty good


This is SO much fun


I’m really drunk. Really, really, drunk


Seriously though, I think I’ve just made best friends for life with these lot!


Ah no, we are heading back, *hiccup*, I don’t want this to end, *hiccup*




Sarah Richard

Sarah Richard is a 26 year old professional world wanderer. 4 years ago she left the UK and everything that offered her security and routine in exchange for a constant life of excitement and adventure. And she is still living it now. Through out working as a Dive Master, freelance writer,running her blog ( and working along the way she now leads a life as a full time digital nomad. So follow her in her travels, in which ever country in the world she choses, and learn how you can do it too.