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Discover the 5 best gin bars in Sydney

Julia Gralberg

Image Source: Scottish Licensed Trade News

To celebrate this month’s World Gin Day (10th June) which marks the “official” day to drink (to) the classic botanical spirit, here’s a list of the best bars in Sydney to enjoy a tipple of Mother’s ruin.


Today gin might not have the same colonial élan as it had when the British East India Company introduced the cocktail in the 19th century India. 2016 was, however, the year of the Gin and Tonic which saw the iconic cocktail undergo somewhat of a renaissance.


Although some upper crust gin enthusiasts might suggest the classic Gin & Tonic has become a tad too common, it’s still allegedly the Duchess of Cornwall’s drink of choice. If it’s good enough for Camilla, it’s good enough for us.


But there are of course other ways to enjoy the juniper spirit. The Queen, for example, prefers Gin and Dubonnet and Pink Gin which is Plymouth Gin with a dash of Angostura bitters has in recent years regained its popularity.


Gin & Tonic or not, one thing we know for sure,

are here to stay and here are the best bars in Sydney to enjoy them. To good health!



Stillery, Double Bay

Image Source: WeekendNotes

If Double Bay isn’t your neck of the woods visiting this bar is definitely worth the detour.


This 1940s-inspired marble bar offers a collection of over 100 limited-edition and vintage varieties from around the world.


In addition to an impressive selection of Gin & Tonics, the mixologists serve up various classic gin-based cocktails. Try the ‘Stillery Negroni’ (Hendrick’s gin, punt e mes, Aperol topped with prosecco, edible flowers and cucumber served straight up) or the classic ‘Bijou’ (London dry gin, sweet vermouth and green chartreuse served straight up) or why not give the ‘Cowboy Martini’ a go (Plymouth gin, orange bitters, fresh pressed mint and citrus also served straight up).



Archie Rose Distillery, Rosebery

Image Source: TripAdvisor

This is Sydney’s first distillery which produces Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin and Strength Gin. It also serves as a bar offering guests a gin sampling before they commit to ordering their cocktail of choice.


For a sweet kick try the Rosebery Mule (Archie Rose Distiller’s Strength Gin, honey, lemongrass, lemon and ginger beer) or A Proper Bloody Gimlet (Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin with blood lime distillate and native lime cordial).


The Barber Shop, CBD

Image Source: AroundYou

Located at 89 York Street, this old-school barbershop is also a classic European-style bar serving up a ridiculously large selection of gin.


To celebrate the origin of the spirit the interior design oozes British history, however, the gin cocktails are modern and guests fancying something sweet can enjoy Gin Coladas whilst the Southside promises to tickle the sour taste buds.



Little Fish Bar, Pyrmont

Image Source: Little Fish Bar

Not only does this bar boast with a premium waterside view overlooking the Balmain shoreline, it’s also the place to enjoy some of the city’s best gin cocktails. Some the more
popular options are Gin Genie (Tanqueray 10, lime, ginger syrup, mint and egg white) and Gin Bramble (The Botanist Gin, lime and Crème de Cassis).



Moyas Juniper Lounge, Redfern

Image Source: TimeOut

With no signage from the street apart from a vintage gin ad it’s easy to miss this gem of a bar which would be a real shame given they base all their cocktails on – gin. The place is also pretty groovy.


Once you step inside you’ll be hit by a mashup of two centuries of English and American history. In fact, the drinks menu is presented like a history book.


Try the Charlie Chaplin (Bitter Truth Sloe Gin, Apricot Brandy, Lime Juice served straight up).


Julia Gralberg

Julia Gralberg is a freelance travel writer, editor of Hotel & Resort Guide, Lux Nomade and founder of Boutique Communications Consultancy, Lux Collective. When she isn’t busy jumping in hotel beds and eating her way through breakfast buffets you’ll find her on her yoga mat.