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Wanna know how Ovolo’s celebrating? Watch to find out!


Ovolo, the enfant terrible of hospitality’s got some major street cred, as CEO & Founder, Mr. Girish Jhunjhnuwala wins EY 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year! Taking home the trophy for country winner of the Hong Kong / Macau region as well as the trophy in the Services sector, he credits the win to the Shiny Happy People of Ovolo plus one simple mantra: Be Positive, Be Patient & Don’t Procrastinate.
Wanna learn more about his secret to success? Check him out in the video below!

Mark this date! It’s when Hong Kong’s South Island metro line finally opens (ahhh we can already hear the doot doot doot sounds of the doors), connecting Ovolo Southside’s home (Wong Chuk Hang) to the CBD within 10 minutes!

Guess what! First 16 passengers to reach Exit A @ Wong Chuk Hang station on launch day will get a voucher (valid for 12 days!) to book a night at Ovolo Southside for just HK$28. Yep, HK$28!

What’s the last souvenir you got on holiday…A snow globe? T-shirt? Well how about a tattoo?! Anyone can pick up an I ❤ Bali, Sydney or whatever shirt from a $5 flea market, but if you really want a lasting memento of that time spent pretending to be Princess Jasmine at Disneyland (coz why not?) here’s a list of some of the best tattoo parlours Sydney & Hong Kong have to offer!

Admit it, you (secretly) love the holidays! Whether it’s the festivities or just the time off work; celebrating with kids, or solo overseas, here are some ways to rock out the holidays

Wanna really feel like a local? Better learn some proper etiquette!

Hong Kong’s biggest seasonal event, The Great European Carnival, is coming back to town, and Ovolo’s the official hotel partner! Planning time for carnival games and rides? Make it a weekend with Ovolo Southside! It’s only 10 minutes away after all 😉

Oh…and don’t forget these specials:
What’s the secret to all good marketing? Content, duh! Our PR & Communications Manager, Amadou Doumbia shared some insight on Ovolo’s content glory at the 2016 Content 360 event in Hong Kong. Read all about the presentation below!

Give it up to Ovolo Woolloomooloo for winning Best Urban Hotel at 2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards!

Check out our latest initiatives with Sovereign Art Foundation!:

You didn’t think we’d pass up a viral video hit did you? Check out Ovolo’s answer to the global Mannequin Challenge craze!


South China Morning Post
Our CEO & Founder, Mr Girish Jhunjhnuwala, was most recently awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Hong Kong / Macau region (2016); while being announced on South China Morning Post Supplement section

Coconuts Hong Kong
Ovolo Hotels is offering coupons for 1 night’s stay @ Ovolo Southside at a seriously cut price of HKD28, to those reaching Exit A of Wong Chuk Station at the earliest. Who can get the coupons? See more on COCONUTS HK…No, that’s not a typo, it’s really twenty eight HK Dollars!

Coconuts Hong Kong
“True Hong Kong entrepreneurial spirit! First South Island Line rider to get 97% discount off stay @Ovolo Southside! See more on COCONUTS HK

Southside Magazine
Think of where to go for Christmas? CIRQLE @Ovolo Southside got you ideas!

Hotel Management
HM AWARDS 2016: General Manager of the Year, Mr. Adam Talon at Ovolo Woolloomooloo (Winner); APAC Hotelier of the Year, Mr. Girish Jhunjhnuwala (Highly Commended), Hotel Brand of the Year, Ovolo Hotels (Highly Commended)

Hotel Management
Want to know more about Ovolo Hotels and our CEO, Mr Girish? We’ve got you the answer on Hotel Management AU.

Hong Kong Economic Journals
Ovolo Group’s CEO & Founder, Mr. Girish, has won the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards for the Hong Kong/Macau region. He’s the 1st Entrepreneur of Indian decent to win the most prestigious award in the world for entrepreneurs in Greater China. -see more on HKEJ

ELLE Magazine
Hipster Luxe – that’s Ovolo Hotels.

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