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Life Hacks: Pasta Edition

Ovolo Hotels

Life is too short. We’d rather drink wine and eat pasta than be a size zero. And that’s exactly what we have planned this World Pasta Day. Even if you are a culinary newbie, you know it’s effortless and simply delicious. But what if I told you, you have been missing some essential steps that make for the perfect al dente pasta. Seriously, how hard can it be?! It only gets better from here…

1. Don’t add oil to your pasta

It may stop the penne from sticking together, but your sauce will end up runny and greasy. You don’t want that.

2. Salt your pasta on the boil

There’s a reason why Gordon Ramsey’s always on about seasoning. To get the flavour to kick in make sure to salt your pasta while its boiling.


3. Bring the water to a boil first

Sometimes the anticipation gets to us and we make this crucial mistake. Always remember to bring your water to a boil before you add the pasta in so that it does not end up soggy.


4. Finish your pasta with a cold-water bath

Here’s a trick to get silky and soft pasta. Once your pasta is boiled drain it with cold water. It stops them from sticking together and tastes so smooth.


5. Pasta is the final step, not the first

This may add to your wash load, but to get the most out of your sauce, it needs to be cooked first. Mix your pasta into the sauce and not vice-versa.


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