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How To Hong Kong Hustle

Tips on being a barter badass to get the nice price in HK’s eclectic street market scene. Pick a market that has your stuff and go to town!

• Ask the price and offer around a 1/4 to 1/3. It sounds low, but they will realise that you’re not just paying what they ask and will bring the price down accordingly. Slowly move up as they move down
• Play markets against each other. Everything you see in one of those stalls will be sold on about 10 other stalls in the same market. Tell them someone offered you a lower price and if it’s realistic they’ll usually match it.
• If you want to buy multiples of stuff, try buy it from the same stall. They’re usually a lot more lenient on price if you’re buying 2 or 3 items from them. But don’t buy multiples just because it’s cheaper per item, buy them because you can justify the need for all of them.
• The Secret Weapon – Walk Away. If you really can’t come to an agreement, walk away. If they can go lower, they will chase you and offer it. If they just leave you to walk away then you know you have hit their rock bottom.
• Finally, be confident and assertive. Pretty obvious, but don’t give in too early and don’t agree with everything they offer. Know what you want and buy it

There you go, follow those steps and you’ll get your knock-offs for knock-off prices easy!


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