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#ForTheLoveOfArt: 5 Must-See Artists in HK for Fall 2016

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It’s no secret, Hong Kong is an art lover’s paradise, and a place emerging contemporary art truly comes to thrive. You can’t go anywhere in this town without discovering some form of artwork, whether at a gallery, restaurant or hotel ! But in an industry with so much competition, you’d be forgiven for not having a clue on what’s hot, and well…what’s best admired through a filter on Instagram. This Autumn sees the return of the much beloved Asia Contemporary Art Show , taking place from 16th – 18th September at the one and only Conrad Hong Kong. The theme this season is all about Emerging & Mid-Career Artists with a strong focus on art’s ability to capture life and the things that shape it.

Wanna feel like a know-it-all about rising art at your next happy hour get-together with friends? Or maybe find the next great piece to take home, check out the round below of top 5 Artists you’ll be able to find at the show, as well as where to catch them once the exhibition is long gone!



1.Water Poon – Hong Kong


“Lai Yuen” by Water Poon, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong

Artist, Photographer, Designer, Film Director, all-around I-can’t-stop-being-creative (!!!) man Water Poon’s driven by painting stories told through cultures. His latest works focuses a lot on a character named Yi Shu, and how her environment captures her feelings. Looking for art where you can step into the character’s shoes? This just might do the trick!


During the Show: At Room 4121

Post-show: BLINK Gallery

Location: 8/F, 135 Hoi Bun Rd., Kwun Tong

Time: 9:30am – 6pm Daily (except Saturdays & Sundays)
More info:




2.Martin Lever – Hong Kong


“ABOVE/Chater Gardens” by Martin Lever, Hong Kong

Let’s get one thing straight, we all know Hong Kong is pretty much one big concrete jungle. But do you really think that stops hordes of people living here? Wrong! Someone who knows all too well about vertical living is Martin Lever, a 36-year resident of the SAR, his art is focused all about the relationship between land & sky, helping us make a connection between Hong Kong as a whole, and the 250-square-feet of a poor excuse for housing we live in.


During the Show: At Room 4317

Post-show: Pubart Gallery

Location: G/F, 7b Chancery Lane, Hong Kong

Time: 12pm – 7pm Daily (except Mondays & Sundays)
More info:



3.Tomoko Konno – Japan


“Wing Beat” by Tomoko Konno, Giant Year Gallery, Hong Kong,

Ok you’re probably asking yourself: What the heck is this alien-like creature thing and get it off my browser!!!! But then you’d be totally missing the point. Tomoko Konno’s works are designed to mimic alien-like creatures. Using a layering technique with ceramics, her work is all about art that looks like it’s about to come alive, mixed with colours that should hopefully remind you how gentle they can really be.


During the Show: At Room 4021

Post-show: Giant Year Gallery

Location: G/F, 15A New Street, Sheung Wan

Time: 12pm – 6pm ~ Mon – Tues; 12pm – 8pm ~ Wed – Sat (closed on Sundays)
More info:



4.Park Ji Sook – South Korea


“Networking-A” by Park Ji Sook, Fabrik Gallery, Hong Kong, (left) “Networking-M” by Park Ji Sook, Fabrik Gallery, Hong Kong, (right)

The old saying goes, life imitates art. Sometimes the same is true in the reverse! Park Ji Sook, a Korean artist obsessed with the connection between organic and linear motifs, has put together a series of drawings highlighting the endless connection between body & nature. We know it sounds a bit deep, but imagine art that represents life stages such as birth, death and rebirth to the basic act of breathing! Check out this artist’s trippy take on art imitating life yourself!


During the Show: At Room 4315

Post-show: Fabrik Gallery

Location: 1102 Nam Wo Hong Building, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan

Time: 10am – 6pm Daily (Saturdays & Sundays by appointment only)
More info:



5.Lau Chin Hung – Hong Kong


“Red Cabbage” by Lau Chin Hung, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong

Fancy yourself as more of a fan of art that’s got a bit of spirituality blended within? Hong Kong artist Lau Chin Hung will get you thinking about the world around you through his intense representative pieces. Culture, religion and chaos all blend together to form his illustrious pieces. Bet you never thought the world could be viewed through a cabbage did you? ;-)


During the Show: At Room 4121

Post-show: BLINK Gallery

Location: 8/F, 135 Hoi Bun Rd., Kwun Tong

Time: 9:30am – 6pm Daily (except Saturdays & Sundays)
More info:



Amadou is an American-raised, Hong Kong-based writer, communicator, and all-around lover of travel & food. He speaks four foreign languages and loves recommending new and exciting things to people whenever they go somewhere new. When not managing  his day job, you’ll probably find him at a happy hour or at the park with his Maltese Terrier, Maxx.


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